Top 8 Best Project Management Tools for SEO businesses

Top 8 Best Project Management Tools for SEO businesses

Top 8 Best Project Management Tools for SEO businesses

Here I share my own story: After passing out from college, I got my first job as a junior account executive at a local advertising agency.

I used to handle so many clients at one and the same time, write status reports and email responses, monitor the campaigns, develop innovative solutions, create presentations, manage team members, and supervise every other task.

Top 8 Best Project Management Tools for SEO businesses

But the interesting thing is that I kept everything organized. Any guesses, how?

I used a legal pad to keep everything structured.

Sometimes I wonder if I had a choice to use any of these project management tools in 2012, I may have saved a lot of my time and effort from jotting down email addresses, contact details, and ideas on my pad that many times gave me thoughts of quitting my job.

But, when you have a good deal of SEO project management tools available in this day and age, how are you going to determine which tool is best for managing SEO?

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Luckily, I have got you covered with a bunch of amazing tools.

After trying, testing, failing and then succeeding, I have prepared a list of the eight best project management tools for SEO businesses.

While giving credit to some of my fellow writers online, I am presenting you the eight best project management tools for SEO.

Top 8 Best Project Management Tools for SEO businesses

1. Basecamp


One of the oldest and most popular platforms for project management, Basecamp enable teams and companies to organize tasks, collaborate on projects, and communicate with everyone.

Just like its peers, Basecamp help users track the tasks along with some additional features including instant messaging, scheduling, forecasting, team creation, document management, and a text editor.

Why Basecamp differs from Asana, Slack, Trello and Google Drive is because it’s an innovative solution. It helps the users tailor the system up to their requirements and run their businesses better than other project managers.


Basecamp is an excellent project management tool to facilitate a more cohesive domain. It can be used for delegating tasks, organizing employees, and keeping track of different aspects of the project. Moreover, it facilitates instant messaging with the team via the Campfire chat room.

The most impressive and interesting part of Basecamp is an automatic check-in which keeps managers and leaders informed about tasks accomplished by employees on a regular basis. In response to those automated messages, the employees “tag” their teammates to discuss what have they achieved or what help do they need.

Other useful features include:

  • Automated status check
  • Advanced text editor
  • Powerful research
  • To-do lists
  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • A schedule to post milestones and deadlines
  • A Message Board for posting updates and announcements
  • Project tracking
  • Team creation
  • Document management
  • And task history


Unlike other project management suites, Basecamp has a basic pricing plan. Its monthly plan costs $99 and yearly plan costs $1000 regardless of the team size. So, these plans are available for unlimited projects and users along with a storage space of 500 GB.

Basecamp SEO Benefits

To manage a client’s SEO requires a lot of actions and tasks. It requires a reliable source to be there for keeping track of emails, conferences, and documents. With 17 years of experience, Basecamp is investing in simplifying innovations for the most complex projects.

Basecamp comes with a myriad of features that allows managers to efficiently monitor their projects and get everything finished on time and budget.

2. Trello


Termed as one of the leading visual project management tools, Trello lets its users better organize their work and teams through a system of boards, lists, and cards.

It is a very easy-to-use and flexible platform that works with drag-and-drop technology and, is used by people to post ideas, communicate, share files, view changes and updates, and get notified.


Trello is a task management platform which simplifies cooperation by managing and tracking all your teams’ tasks and information in one place.

The most interesting component of Trello is that users can manage the workflow of their projects visually.

Users can create boards to represent projects, cards to contain tasks and assign those cards to team members, set deadlines, and include attachments. The interface looks like a digital bulletin board and gives a shared perspective of any organization, its projects, and progress at a glance.

Trello lets you celebrate every step towards the success and see at a glance that who is going to do what, what is being worked on, and what needs to be done further.

For example, cards that represent the tasks are created and placed under a list. The list denotes the stage of the task (to-do, doing, or done) and the cards are moved between the lists as they progress through the project.

Suppose, if your team is developing software, you can assign a card to the developer and track all the operations through its different stages of completion in a visual way. You can have a look at how the Buffer uses Trello.


Like other project management tools, Trello also offers a free version inclusive of features like unlimited boards, members, and attachments of up to 10MB for small teams and startups.

It also has business and enterprise plans that cost $9.99 and $20.83 monthly including all the features of the previous version(s) along with additional features. The business plan comes with new features like priority email support, private and public board control, unlimited power-ups and file attachments (250MB/attachment) whereas the enterprise plan offers file encryption, priority email and phone support, two-factor authentication, and onboarding assistance.

Trello SEO Benefits

If you find hard to manage multiple projects for a single client, you can use Trello to track the progress throughout the project and to extend the functionality according to your requirements with more options and no cost. Plus, it is useful to manage your content strategy.

By running our entire business in Trello, not only does every team member benefit from our own product, but we each have a comprehensive understanding of it. Our users’ pain points are our pain points, and their delights are ours, too.” – Lauren Moon, Content Marketing Manager

With over 100 integrations with other key platforms, Trello provides a visual stream of project’s every task in your business. It is a powerful tool for collaborating on projects where you can create cards, re-use them, and keep track of the clients’ notes.

3. Slack


If you don’t want yourself flooded with emails anymore and want your work, messaging, files, and tools all in one place, then all you need is Slack.

Slack is a communication platform where you can share channels with your team members, clients, and partners, show your work to others, and receive feedback on them. Many people use Slack for community building and management.

This application provides a solution for the modern workplace’s communication challenges that other mediums cannot solve and, is integrated with other project management tools like Asana and Trello.


Slack comes with a myriad of awesome features to enable clarity and allow easy collaboration. With this platform, users can send one-on-one messages, create private channels with selective team members, organize team conversations in open channels, launch voice or video calls, and upload multiple kinds of documents.

Slack has native Android and iOS apps for its users to have continuous communication connection.

And, the coolest feature of Slack is the Slackbot, your personal assistant. Slackbot lets you set reminders and creates automated responses to the questions.

Moreover, there are powerful search operators, third-party apps integration, and syncing all across your devices.


Slack offers multiple plans for your small to medium-sized teams. Small teams can use Slack for an unlimited period of time without spending money. With this plan, users can search and browse recent messages, use service integrations, create multi-teams, and use mobile apps.

And for large-sized businesses, it has Standard plan for $6.67/month and Plus plan for $12.50/month with unlimited integrations, guest access, two-factor authentication, configurable email ingestion service, additional security, and many more!

Slack SEO Benefits

Whatever your main business is, Slack lets you find ways to save your time, connect with your team, and increase the efficacy of your internal communications. You can increase the productivity of your business even with the features available in the free version.

This cloud-based communication platform makes communication fast and easy. It lets you create channels for projects, tasks, or topics, reach out to your team members or SEO clients, and serves as an alternative of emails.

4. Linkio


Available since 2017, Linkio is a great SEO project management tool with which you can analyze your and competitor backlinks.

It is a link building management platform that helps to maintain a simple backlink profile while aiming to rank your site better on Google.

The SEO teams use this tool to plan their strategies and to know what they need to know at that time. Linkio provides anchor text ideas for your site link building.


If you are one of those who have used Google Sheets tracking methods a lot and can’t let go of them, then you may find it nice that Linkio has links with Google Sheets.

This software is connected with Google Sheets and, it allows the users to work on the same technology which they find comfortable. However, it has fixed those issues associated with the Google Sheets tracking.

Some other useful features are Backlink Index Checker, Backlink Crawler and Validator, Anchor Text Categorizer, Automated Backlink Importing, and many more.

Linkio is capable of helping team members, whether an employee is involved in anchor text planning, campaign setup, delivery management or any other task, increases productivity by helping members on every stage of the cycle.


Even if this platform is new, there is nothing wrong in giving it a try, thanks to its affordable price.

It offers multiple monthly and annual pricing plans with Ahrefs integration. These plans are extremely useful for the marketers and can be used as per the requirements.

Linkio SEO Benefits

Keeping link building in focus, Linkio is developed to help SEO professionals turn their opportunities into successful business.

Linkio offers a plethora of features to help the market experts in reviewing their previous works and plan future strategies and maximizing their link building efforts on every stage of the search marketing cycle.

5. Asana


Picking one out of so many great SEO project management tools available in the market is quite a challenging task.

You can find tools for everything: Linkio for link building, JIRA for software development, MindNode for idea virtualization, and many more!

Now, which SEO project management tool you will choose depends mainly on your usage and what you want to do for your clients? But what to do when you have no money to spend?

Go for Asana!

When it comes to organizing all the moving pieces for each project and client, Asana is definitely a clear winner. Being the majority’s personal favorite, Asana is a great tool that manages or tracks work free of cost.


Asana manages SEO projects at its finest, where you can track the progress of over hundreds of tasks while sticking to the deadlines.

With this collaborative tool, you can split your project into specific tasks, assign particular resources to these tasks, set reminders, create dashboards and calendars, comment on tasks, track project-related conversations, track goals and milestones, and more.

Asana is integrated with third-party tools like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive to offer a seamless experience. Users can freely access already-completed tasks and easily adjust deadlines when adding extra operation of setting recurring reminders.

It is a great tool for managers to manage multiple teams or groups, delegate team members to specific projects/tasks to make sure that workers stay focused on their assigned tasks, which basically empowers teams to work more effectively.


You can organize from routine tasks to company objectives using the Asana website and app for free.

With the free version, up to 15 users can break the project into unlimited manageable pieces while having a simple dashboard and search functionality.

Asana has two paid plans: Premium and Enterprise. Premium costs $11.99 monthly and allows an unlimited number of team members and dashboards, advanced reporting and search functionality, admin controls, private projects, and teams, etc.

For larger teams or organizations, Asana offers its Enterprise plan. This plan includes all features of the other two plans plus advanced security features and admin controls and customized support.

Asana SEO Benefits

Asana is the best tool to make your every project a great success. In either small teams or large enterprises, most of the times the deadlines are missed. With this robust project management tool, the teams can easily assign the tasks to resources, follow the progress of the tasks, communicate, and stay on top of the deadlines.

6. Teamwork


It might be possible that you haven’t found the perfect tool for your business even after trying some of the tools mentioned above.

As you are reading this, you certainly have not stopped your search for that right SEO project management tool. You must be looking for a tool that can handle, organize, and set everything for you and no requirements will be left.

And, the first tool that comes to my thought is Teamwork. It is an excellent project management tool that provides all functions one might expect just by following the typical project management methods.


Almost every agency looks for flexibility especially when it comes to the number of users. Teamwork allows these agencies to get more organized and constructive with its flexibility of letting them have countless users and multiple people on a single task. This shortcoming in various other project management tools like Asana makes them less flexible.

For file storage, Teamwork can be integrated with applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box and, with Harvest, Xero, and Freshbooks to extend invoice creation.

To a lot of people, the best feature of Teamwork is repeating tasks.

Within Teamwork, you can choose to set up tasks or templates to repeat for specific SEO projects. For example, if you generate a blog post focusing a featured piece, you can add subtasks within that post for steps you need to take to achieve the desired position.


TeamWork offers Free Forever plan to those who want to try out this software for an unlimited amount of time. It is ideal for small teams and supports five users with 100MB space. For businesses looking for organized work management, the Pro plan comes with all basic features along with unlimited projects, task boards, 100GB space, custom domain and integrations with several cloud drives for $11.25.

Those who are ready to spread their wings and want extra security and reporting, they can use the Premium plan that costs $18.75 and offers more projects, users, space, and security features than the previous plans. And, last but not least, there is the Enterprise plan that offers enterprise-grade security, 500GB+ space, and advanced onboarding and training.

TeamWork SEO Benefits

At a certain time, your SEO agency can outgrow the limitations of other SEO project management tools. Also, for a remote SEO agency, the project management tools should be right on point.

With so many powerful features, Teamwork not only provides better plans and support for employees but also for the clients.

7. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

A calendar can be quite useful to manage events or appointments and notify us when they are about to start. With several other calendar applications available in the market, Google Calendar allows users to create personal or professional calendars to keep track of their events and share their calendars with others. It is a very useful and powerful tool that can magically organize your life.

And, if you don’t find Google Calendar useful, there is always Microsoft Office 365 to offer similar features.


Many working professionals ignore their wall calendars without fretting about forgetting their upcoming meetings. For this purpose, Google Calendar is considered to be the best option. The Google Calendar ensures that you don’t miss any of your meetings with push notifications before they start.

It works for free with a Gmail account and syncs with the built-in calendar app on devices. Events in Google Calendar can be created by simply selecting the date and adding important details.

With Google Calendar, you can make multiple calendars for every project to let your clients know that when there is the next meeting. Plus, you can share your calendar with public or specific individuals, having more control over this. When you have any upcoming event, the Google Calendar sends you reminders as emails or text messages on your phone.

One of the interesting features of Google Calendar is that you can start Hangouts video call directly from the event. And, if your event is related to food or entertainment, then Google Calendar puts graphics as well to add some fun.


Google Calendar is free to use for Gmail account holders. It offers multiple paid plans: G Suite Basic, G Suite Business Plan, G Suite Enterprise Plan.

The Basic plan costs $5/month for custom domain with Gmail and other Google Apps with the storage of 30GB. Business plan comes with unlimited storage only for $10/month while the Enterprise plan offers eDiscovery, archival reports, audit reports, and access control, all for $25/month.

Google Calendar SEO Benefits

This tool helps you organize your schedule better and share it with your clients and co-workers.

Many other tools are available where you can add your upcoming events’ details and share them with others, but there are many chances to miss the deadlines with them. So, Google Calendar is ideal for handling all your events, sending you periodic reminders, and keeping your coworkers updated. Plus, it works wonderfully as a marketing calendar.

Now, if you do a survey, you’ll find that most of the SEO-savvy people use Google Calendar as it also integrates with third-party tools.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs

You can work easily on your SEO projects in Google Docs that lets you create, edit, and store files online. It is a suite of apps that enable you to create and manage documents like a pro, provides great control and opportunities for teams, and includes all types of formatting and multiple add-ons to print labels.

This web-based word processing software with its easy-to-use interface and numerous features is a perfect platform for SEO project planning.


Firstly, Google Docs eases everybody’s tensions with its auto-save functionality which saves the data at regular intervals. This platform offers a plethora of formatting options to create a document in an interactive form.

Google Doc understands the importance of working together on a document. Keeping that in focus, it has enabled teams to work at a document at the same time and leave comments or suggestions.

But, the best feature of Google Docs from all is the Add-ons.

Along with the normal features, Google Docs supports various add-ons to help you automate the SEO reporting and keyword research process.

For instance, the Search Analytics for Sheets uses the Search Analytics API to pull your information into Sheets. So, it’s a new way to get rid of the Excel files or manual copy-paste.


Google Doc is a free-to-use word processing platform that can be accessed if you have a Gmail account. To have more Google Drive storage, custom domains, and business features, you need to pay a nominal amount every month.

Google Docs SEO Benefits

Because of its accessible solution and collaborative features, there is nothing wrong in saying that Google Docs is used by almost everyone today.

It’s fairly robust, and used primarily for tracking workflow, archiving work, organizing upcoming publications, and aiding collaboration. If anyone ever wants to know what a person on the team is up to—be it the Marketing Director, the CEO, a member of the marketing team, or just another content creator—all they have to do is poke their head in this Google Doc. – Cory Collins

Additional SEO Management Tools

If you want to give something new a shot, below are some of the names:

  1. Jira
  2. FreedCamp
  3. Celoxis
  4. TeamGantt
  5. Office 365
  6. RedBooth
  7. ProofHub

So, which is the best SEO project management tool?

In the past, my legal pad has helped me a lot in managing all my work, and now it is obvious how much these tools can bring clarity and organization in teams.

With these tools, I get perfect project management solutions as everything stays organized while juggling multiple SEO projects at a time.

But the question arises now that is there a huge difference between every single SEO project management tool?

No, not really.

And, are all of these tools easy-to-use and efficient enough to leave the project managers with time to work on what is really important for their SEO clients?


Bear in mind that every project management tool serves different purposes and each tool is not for everyone. Like, to make the SEO marketers’ work much easier, there are tools like Linkio, Asana, Basecamp, and Trello that offers different features.

Although, the combination of Asana, Slack, Google Docs, and Google Calendar works best for me.

Even if you are an SEO professional or just have entered this business, you can grow your business with any of these project management tools discussed above.

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