Top 6 GetResponse Alternatives and Competitors

Top 6 GetResponse Alternatives and Competitors

Top 6 GetResponse Alternatives and Competitors


A GetResponse alternative would help you get around the many limitations that the platform usually entails. These limitations would include a heavy pricing model that would not be very suitable for small and medium sized businesses. When you have resources that need to fit in a number of functions, there would be a need for an alternative to GetResponse and other platforms that you may be using. Apart from this, platforms like GetResponse also have a time taking setup process and less support when you truly need it.

Top 6 GetResponse Alternatives and Competitors

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When you look for GetResponse alternatives, you would be looking to bring in an email marketing option that offers you more in terms of marketing automation, contact and lead management amongst other things so that you are able to get more done on a single platform which saves you money as well as space and time.

So what exactly would your email marketing function do? Here is a quick list:

  • Manage your contacts in a camping wide way so that you do not have to duplicate and remove contacts for each and every campaign.
  • Stellar design values for your email campaigns that helps you brand each campaign as well.
  • Send and track emails so that you can trace the conversion all the way along the sales pipeline.

So here are the top 6 GetResponse alternatives that you can use for the above basic functions and many others as well:

Top 6 GetResponse Alternatives and Competitors

1. EngageBay

This is one of the foremost platforms that can be the best alternative to GetResponse thanks to the multitude of functions and features that it offers at a super affordable price and constant support so that you do not waste any time.

So with EngageBay, you get to indulge in all the aspects of marketing automation which includes an efficient way to manage emails, landing pages, social media and much more. This system also draws from the efficient contact management and lead management processes in the back end.

2. ConstantContact

With ConstantContact, you get to tap into a platform that will help you tap into templates and structures for your industry which helps you also stand out in your niche. This is a good alternative to GetResponse so that you can actually indulge in an email only marketing campaign which also misses out on the other aspects of marketing automation.

3. CampaignMonitor

CampaignMonitor is a platform that allows to make creative templates so that you can create an email campaign that would help you reach out to your prospects and convert them on the way. But this does not allow you to integrate your email marketing efforts with the rest of the digital marketing functions like social media and more.

This platform also helps you with A/B testing before you send out your emails.

4. AWeber

With AWeber, you get to indulge in your email marketing service with landing pages that also brings in unlimited emails, customer solutions, and even image hosting which is difficult for a lot of other platforms. Plus, this platform also helps you automate the entire process so that you can create an impression. Yet, it may not be the best alternative to Get Response as the pricing and support are not at par with other platforms like EngageBay.

5. InfusionSoft or Keap

InfusionSoft is now Keep after it has been acquired by the new owners. This platform helps you create email marketing campaigns with automated notifications and reminders. This platform also has a good management system for the leads and the contacts that you store on it. This also helps you integrate the same with the marketing automation and email marketing system on the platform which makes it an average alternative to Get Response.

6. MooSend

This platform helps you build and circulate emails with some great templates that remove the need for coding and make your life easier. You can also make your marketing task list a little simpler with this platform.

Final thought

Among all the GetResponse alternatives, EngageBay would be the best in terms of a full suite of services and features along with great pricing that can also help you get more done on a single platform.

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