Top 5 Strategies which can bump up your local business sales

Top 5 strategies which can bump up your local business sales

As a local business owner, getting more sales is a crucial factor and this factor mainly depends on many strategies. It’s most important for a new business to increase its customers.

Top 5 strategies which can bump up your local business sales

Here are the top 5 strategies which can bump up your local business sales

Top 5 strategies

  1. Make an online presence by listing online
  2. Redesigning your website for mobile friendly
  3. Use social media as a weapon
  4. Use your vehicle as a mobile billboard
  5. Does Online Advertising like Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Now let’s find out more about these strategies

1. Make an online presence by listing online

Nowadays, online directories or web listing plays a major role. You must ensure that your business is listed in online web listing and updated regularly so that customers don’t face any hassle.

Your contact information like address, phone number, web address, opening and closing time should be mentioned and updated regularly as well as updated regularly.

These are some famous online business directories below

The complete list can be found here

Work effectively and get listed in most online directories from one place “GoDaddy Local-Business Listings

2. Redesigning your website for mobile friendly

Nowadays everyone uses smartphones for daily internet activities such as searching for local services like restaurants, coffee shops, local stores or even pet services. So, your website needs to be mobile friendly, if not then people may skip your site and come to another of your competitor.

To make sure that your website is mobile friendly you can put your website address into Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool. If the test score is low then:

  • Change your website code by hiring a web developer if you cannot do it yourself. The changing cost may vary depending on the website’s platform you’re using (example: Joomla, Magento or WordPress)
  • Make a user responsive website that can change its appearance (devices’ screen) according to the mobile device which user is using

You can use GoDaddy’s Go Central Website Builder to make a mobile-friendly website in less than an hour. Make sure your website is also SEO friendly. The more SEO friendly your website higher the rank in Google search results pages (SERPs)

Here are some useful articles which can help you much with SEO.

Need a website? Get one in less than one hour. Here is a detailed guide on How to start a WordPress blog easily (from A to Z)

3. Use social media as a weapon

Today, everyone is on Social Media, it’s including your target customers. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are always on trends.

Social media creates a great opportunity for your business to connect with these targeted customers. You should create your official business page on every social media platforms. You should also add Social media logos like a Facebook logo, Twitter logo,…on your website as well as your contact information too.

Share and tweet your latest tips or posts, and add an image or link it to your latest article on your website. Engage with your social media followers on daily basis by answering and responding to their messages or tweets. This will increase your business positive ratings.

Use Twitter hashtag and similarly use Facebook instant article to mention your latest articles.

Instant article is a handy tool to show fast loading articles from your website on Facebook. Instant article for WP plugin is a good WordPress plugin to decrease your post load time on Facebook.

Apps like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite make your social media management very easy. You can answer messages and reply to them from one dashboard.

You can also use Buffer app to write posts in advance and then schedule them for automatic posting on social media.

4. Use your vehicle as a mobile billboard

If you want to use your vehicle for more than as a carrier make it a moving billboard! Even a 10×20 inch Ad can do the magic. If you want, you can cover the whole vehicle also. When your vehicle stops at the lights stop, bang! You are advertising free of cost!

People notice creative ads so better make it graphically appealing.

Make sure that your vehicle carries your business name, logo, phone number and web address. But before all of this, makes sure you fulfill your State, City, and homeowners Association rules.

Need a great looking logo we think we can help you.

5. Does Online Advertising like Facebook Ads, Google Ads

If anybody is close to your business physically then Facebook ads is one of the amazing advertising options for them. You need to create an ad for which just open your Facebook page and click on the Promotion button then set a reasonable budget, choose an eye-catching image and an engaging message, and it’s done.

If you own a restaurant then here you can learn how to use Facebook advertising for restaurant marketing.

You can also buy ads or sponsor content in which you can use influencing people to do an article or tweet based on your business on Twitter and Instagram.

Yellow Pages now as YP online is a faster method to list your business online which will help you to find new local customers.


Demand and supply are one of the most important factors in any business. If you can fulfill the requirements of your customers by providing better services at a reasonable price then in next some months, your local business profit will surely increase.

Freebies, deals, coupons, first-time discounts are also another ways to increase your local customer base, make sure you check them all.

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