Top 30 Powerful Ways to Monetize your Blog

Top 30 Powerful Ways to Monetize your Blog in 2020

Top 30 Powerful Ways to Monetize your Blog

Do you want to monetize your blog with your own blog and website? Each day, thousands of people build their sites to make more money online. They try to monetize their blogs, yet most of the people are not able to earn anything and, they give up blogging in the end.

You should understand that it takes time for a blog or website to start generating money. To make this happen, you need to understand the nature of your blog and look for the right ways to monetize your blog.

Top 30 Powerful Ways to Monetize your Blog

Presently, you can find hundreds of methods available online to help you monetize your blog. However, you might get confused about which way to choose and which to ignore.

With a list of 30 powerful ways, I am going to help you monetize your blog like professionals. Keep in mind that the methods listed below range from simple to demanding, so don’t be discouraged if one doesn’t work for you. If one strategy fails, go for the next one!

I have compiled this list with hope to help you pick the right ones to monetize your blog effectively.

1. Affiliate Marketing

CJ Affiliate Marketing

If executed correctly, this is a great way to make money from your blog. Product reviews and informing the readers about the product are the best ways to generate money with affiliate marketing.

Let’s assume that you own a beauty niche site and you can search for the affiliate programs that offer products related to beauty. Possibly, some people would want to publicize their new beauty products and, you could build content for “The best face mask for oily skin type”, promoting the affiliated product at the end.

With this type of advertising, you can easily earn 10% – 40% commission by selling every product/ service on your blog. Clearly, when you refer your site viewers to the product page using recommendations, banner ads, text link ads, etc., you’ll get a commission on every sale. You can make more money from the sales depending on the price of the individual product.

Check out these great places to find the affiliate products:

2. Sell Ad Space

NameClerks Sell Ad Space

One of the oldest methods to generate money, you can sell the free space on your site to the sponsors to insert ads for your blog monetization. It can prove to be helpful as you don’t have to deal with a middleman and charge the advertisers whatever you want to display their ads on your site.

In the general run of things, these deals turn out to be beneficial as you run an ad for a fixed amount of time and charges the advertiser a flat fee. But this way has a drawback too. With this, you need to commit a considerable amount of time to manage the entire procedure with the advertiser and also, to be considered by the advertisers, your site should receive a great volume of traffic.

You must have seen that I have provided a lot of free space on my website to the sponsors to run different kinds of banner ads.

3. Text Link Ads

One of the good ways to monetize your blog is to use Text Link Ads. With this method, you simply need to place an ad link within the text of your site content. For instance, if you are generating content on a software product, you can insert text-based ads within your posts that would refer your readers to the website’s link that sells that product.

Keep in mind that you can’t put links to anything though, you need to sign up to a relevant provider who is capable of automating the service for you or sign up to that particular product associated ad scheme.

Text Link Ads is a fairly good method as you can monetize your blog with it in an uninterrupted way that keeps the interest of your readers.

4. Display Light boxes or Pop-ups

You must have seen pop-ups on blogs and websites. Pop-ups are the most common way to turn the potential users into loyal customers. But they can be extremely annoying as they disturb the users from accessing the site content. Most of the people have pop-up blocking extensions installed on their browsers to stop them.

But if used in a proper way, they can succeed. Ideally, a single pop-up should be displayed to the new visitors. It will grab their attention but won’t bother them repeatedly.

These pop-ups could be used for various purposes: to promote parts of your site, for example, PopUp Domination can be used to make people sign up to your email list of tutorial course, or create a light box with AWeber.

Pop-ups, if used in a smart manner, can help you earn more money without annoying your visitors.

5. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Advertising

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Advertising

Quite evident from its name, you can monetize your blog for each click on your ad. With Cost-Per-Click (CPC) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, ads are displayed on your website and, you get paid for every click a visitor makes on them.

It usually begins with your sign up to the provider and, then they share a code with you to place it on your site. After that, your site receives contextual ads (either text or image-based) from your provider that are relevant to your website content. The most widely used provider of this service is Google AdSense but, there are a whole lot more!

The profit generated with Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertisements differs in most cases based on the amount of traffic your site gets. Only a small fraction of visitors click on the advertisements, therefore, it is necessary for your site to have a great deal of traffic to earn a large sum of money from them.

Usually, the click-through rate (CTR) of people visiting your site is dependent on your website design. Some pages/ parts of your site are of more incalculable value, thus it is right to place those CPC ads there to elevate your CTR.

For instance, you can place the CPC ads on empty space in the start and end of blogs/ articles and increase the chances of getting clicked by the visitors. And, if you put these ads on the lowest part of the page, then there are little chances of visitors clicking on them.

The PPC or CPC also determines how much amount of money you can probably make from these kinds of ads. The advertisements on financial products/ mortgages make more money because of the higher cost of the real products set side by side with kids’ toys. With the first one, you can earn as much money as $1+ for every single click on the ad while, the clicks on toys may give you a few cents.

Which advertisements work best for your site depends on your site content. Above all, it would be unwise to place ads related to financial products on your site that focuses on kids’ toys or the other way around.

CPC is one of the best ways to make money blogging. Although, it is mandatory to have a great volume of traffic on your site if you are serious about earning money.

You can find ads for your site at some of the popular PPC sites:

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6. Cost Per Mile (CPM) Advertising

Also called Cost Per Thousand, Cost per Mile (CPM) advertising is a method in which you earn money from your blog for the number of impressions (page views) your website gets. It works for every 1000 impressions that it has. Like, if your site gets 200,000 impressions (page views) every month that displays a $1 CPM ad, then it will generate you an amount of $200 a month!

You can get the ads from several CPM providers available in the market. Every provider is different from others when it comes to paying you the amount. Basically, the bigger provider pays you the highest rate. The best providers can approach a greater number of quality advertisers that pay you more money happily.

Similar to CPC, you can earn more money with CPM ads based on the position of the ad on your website. The higher position and worth of the ad will generally make more money for you.

Those sites with huge traffic and higher page views certainly benefit a lot from the CPM ads. But this can prove to be a great option when you want to monetize your blog.

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7. In-text Ads

Just like the text link ads, the ‘In-text ads’ are advertisements that are placed within the content of your site, i.e., articles, blog posts, etc. You need to sign up to the in-text advertising provider that will put ads links inside your website text.

Basically, these are hyperlinked keywords within the posts, being double underlined to show the difference between this and other links, so that on moving the cursor a user sees a small advertising pop-up. At that point, the user will decide whether he wants to click on it or not and, with this, you will make a small amount of money.

This form of advertising, if used properly, can be useful to monetize your blog. However, there are a few things different from the above-discussed types, that can definitely put off some readers.

8. Use Ad Widgets

Even if it is quite new in the market, this method is getting used by more and more people every day on their sites to make a steady income. Using these widgets, you can easily earn money as they pull the ads dramatically, actually showing a combination of text link ads, CPC, and affiliate programs.

9. Set up Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed Ads

Set up Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed Ads

Mostly used by bloggers and website owners, the RSS feed helps you make money from your content by placing ads into the feeds.

There are many RSS feed generators out there, making the implementation quite easier. Some of them offer PPC/CPM ads, but you can also choose to do it by yourself and place sponsored banners or messages on your feed for sale.

A lot of advertising programs are available that offer methods to monetize your RSS feeds and some of the best are mentioned below:

10. Run PPP Audio Ads

Run PPP Audio Ads

Image source

Pay Per Play or PPP, are audio ads that your visitors hear every time they visit your site. These few seconds ads start automatically and, the users can stop it at any time. As someone listens to your audio adverts on every visit to the blog, its 100% conversion rate and you get an amount of $5 per visit. However, this method can prove to be very annoying and reduce your site traffic as a result.

Another way to play audio advertisements is that you could use the ‘Podcast Ads’. If you run a podcast on your site, you can play ads as a way of updating your listeners periodically about anything new on your website. This type is surely less irritating than the previous one as your podcast would be like a short radio show running with ad breaks. As long as you play a limited number of ads, this method could be very effective to monetize your blog.

11. Product Reviews

Have you any idea that you can even generate money by writing reviews about products on your blog. Similar to affiliate marketing to some extent, you write detailed and realistic views of products of different clients relevant to your niche. For example, if you run a technology blog, then you obviously should not review a product belonging to the health niche.

There are so many people whose websites are focused on product reviews or writing about various other subjects including gadgets, hotels, etc. You can certainly earn a handsome amount of money if that product has some affiliate program.

12. Sell eBooks

As per a survey, the eBook market is flourishing with every passing day. When so many people around you are writing eBooks, then you must give it a shot. As a blogger, you are already writing so good stuff on your site, then why not take advantage of eBook writing and write eBooks for the eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad.

There are thousands of ideas that you could choose to write an eBook. If you have a green thumb, then it’s a great chance to share your knowledge and tricks in the book to help people grow a thriving garden. And, to sell your eBooks, you can use Apple iStore, Amazon, etc. or can sell it directly on your website.

When you do this, you’ll get the total sale price and a huge volume of traffic. It’s an effective way to monetize your blog by selling your personally written eBooks on your site.

13. Create & Put on Sale your Own Product

We live in a society of consumers! If you want to run a business, then you must have a product/ service to sell. For instance, if you are a software developer, then you can use your programming skills to create software to help people and begin selling them. Or, if you an arts & crafts expert, then you could sell some of your work on the website. It is probably the best way to generate some money, help people, and make your name in the market.

Comparing the product selling in a shop with an online sale, you get a wider customer base to sell your product.

14. Write a Hardcover Book

Write a Hardcover Book

Image source: Maxpixels

This comes once you have written an eBook. If your eBook turns out to be a super-hit, there are high chances of you getting offers from printing press or publishers to get your book printed in hard form. You can use your site to promote your hardcover book and, in this way, you get two sources of income: people can buy the eBook from your site and your hardcover book starts getting sold in the bookstores.

But this method is usually good for writers who already have a good number of followers. A writer may have written a noted book and then created a website to spread awareness about that book online. However, it can work the other way around too. Some people created a blog first and then wrote a book that sold well.

For a successful writer, this could be a good option to monetize your blog. Any self-publishing site like iUniverse can really help you in getting your hardcover book published.

15. Create Tutorials & Guides

Every day, hundreds of people come online and search things over the internet they don’t know about. It is quite possible that many people want to learn such things that you already know. If you are an expert in your niche, then you can go for writing tutorials for your readers. Just like everybody, you are reading a guide yourself right now “Top 30 Powerful ways to monetize your blog’ to learn the ways for blog monetization!

It is so natural that people who have little to no knowledge about a particular subject, they look for guides and tutorials over the internet to learn something helpful. If you are a health-conscious person, you can find plenty of useful guides on the internet like How to Calculate Food Calories or Best and Worst Foods for Digestion.

Possibly, every person knows something that others don’t, so why not take advantage of this and write guides on your site. Unleash your inner writer, create guides and tutorials related to your niche to attract huge traffic on a daily basis and establish yourself as an influencer.

16. Teach Online Courses

Teach Online Courses

Image source

After writing books and creating guides and tutorials, there is a next step that can generate a handsome amount of money: start teaching online courses. Just like thousands of bloggers, you can run online courses related to your niche. These courses could be about any subject and could be taught using videos, tutorials, podcasts, etc. For teaching a program, you can charge people with registration fee or a fixed amount for the enrollment in the course.

If you are an SEO professional, then you could use your knowledge and skills to teach a few weeks or months online training courses detailing how to make a site super-fast. You can release videos describing why a site’s speed matters, how the speed can be checked, which factors slow down the speed, etc.

Note that the information which you offer to people in your courses must be different from any free content that you share on your site. If people find out at any point that you are charging them $500 for the information that they have already read out in your blog for free, then you’ll go through hard times. So, use these courses to share extra information you have that wasn’t available before.

17. Arrange Live Workshops

If you have liked the idea of educating, but prefer something more interactive, then you should run live workshops or seminars. With live workshops, you get the chance to interact with your audience and to know what they want from your blog.

To many people, a workshop is a more appealing opportunity than following an online course as they get to meet the instructor and ask questions face to face. Because of this, some people pay a lot of money to be a part of these workshops.

Along with educating your audience, it’s a perfect arena to promote your work or products. In addition, you can invite guest speakers to your workshops and giving them room to present their services/ products. It’ll be a win-win opportunity for both the parties.

Plus, you can record the whole event and share it on your website later for advertising purpose.

And, when it comes to organizing a workshop, there is a shortage of locations. There are a lot of hotels that have conference halls that lets professionals arrange the events. Once a location is booked, you can notify your readers regarding the workshop date and time. All you need to do is to prepare some helpful presentations and charge your audience for the amazing opportunity.

18. Organize A Webinar

One of the best ways to run a live workshop is to host a webinar. Hosting a webinar is a popular method of connecting with your audience, especially those who can’t get to one of your workshops and discuss new or popular topics in detail.

It can become your permanent source of income if you charge people for the virtual seats booked for your webinar. They pay some amounts of money to see you live, interact with you, and learn from you.

You can run your webinar using PowerPoint presentations, video chats, photos, microphones, polls, etc., making them fully effective and interactive. Each viewer has the chance to ask any questions they want to at the end of the webinar.

It is advised to host a webinar for free till you become a popular and well-known person in your niche. You could simply use it as a marketing tool promoting your website, charging them later for the subsequent ones.

You can use different platforms for this purpose like Instant Presenter, Ever Webinar, etc.

19. Offer Consultant Services

Offer Consultant Services

Image source

Becoming a consultant is one of the productive ways to monetize your blog or site. But to make money with this, you need to have a large number of readerships and be acknowledged as an expert in your niche.

You can start by offering one-to-one counseling sessions to people over the phone call or Skype. People gladly pay a premium amount for this service as they want your undivided attention for solving their problems using your experience, exposure, and knowledge.

Let’s assume that you are a health and fitness expert, your blog has a great following and shares fitness tips, workout plans, weight loss advice, etc. You could charge each person $100 for one-hour Skype call to plan out their tailored exercise regime.

As I have already mentioned, you need to be an expert to earn a good amount of money through this method. But with your ever-learning attitude, you can become number one in your niche one day.

20. Find Sponsors for a Writing Event

If you, as a professional blogger, organize events such as workshops, webinar, podcast, etc. on a regular basis, then you can find some companies to sponsor your events and promote them, just like we see ads at the start and end of a TV show.

Certainly, this method gives site owners more options to monetize each part of their site. Sponsors offer handsome amount and, are attracted to high traffic websites as it allows them to reach a targeted audience.

21. Sell Services

People usually start a website or blog if they can offer some services. If, in reality, you are a professional in your niche like a developer, nutritionist, adviser, etc. Then you can create a website, mention your services, and start promoting them. Your blog will serve as a portfolio for you and attract potential clients in a persuasive way. Interested people can pay you for your services through your blog.

It is quite obvious that this method is only advantageous if you are already working.

You should take this opportunity and add a Hire Me page on your site or blog to tell people what you are currently doing, what you can do in future, what are your charges, etc. Discuss all these things in a professional manner.

22. Start a Premium Membership Site

If you have gained some popularity and have built up a dedicated group of readers, then a membership site can be an excellent way to start to monetize your blog. A lot of websites make money by offering a premium membership. Today, many newspapers are shifting from paper to digital news to attract more people. Usually, people come to read the free content but, if they realize that there are premium plans for added benefits, then they prefer to pay a membership fee.

An example of this could be a wellness website. The website could offer free webinars, blog posts, and food products recommendations. But paying members can have discounts, discuss their issues on monthly conference calls, participate in monthly Ask the expert programs, etc. So, if you have a lot of useful and interesting offers for your readers think about introducing the membership site and charge them some fee.

23. Start Private Forums

Just like premium membership sites, private forums are created to cater to a certain class of members. It is a good way to connect with a network of experts in your niche. To access the forum and interact with the influencers, members will pay a monthly/ annual fee.

You should understand that there are tons of free forums out there. So, to make people pay for your private forum, you need to share valuable content that is not available anywhere.

We can take an example of a programming forum where the experts interact within a professional environment. Tech-savvies from all around the globe get attracted by the forums that focus on new technologies and progress made in the research.

24. Build the Email list

Build the Email list

Image source

It is one of the best yet indirect strategies to generate some money from your blog. Other than making money, there are other plenty of benefits you get like loyal readers, huge traffic, etc.

To earn money with email marketing, you need to start collecting the list of your visitors and building a large email list of your subscribers. You can collect emails through different ways like from member registration, newsletter subscription, and many more.

With an email list, you can send new posts, promote services/ products, update regarding any workshop/ event, hence, persuading people to return to your site.

Remember that you should not spam your subscribers and don’t overdo with the emails. It is a powerful way to change your blog into a brand and drive your site traffic.

Pick any email marketing software from the list to help manage your email newsletters:

25. Host Polls & Surveys

There are several websites that pay you for running your polls and surveys on your site. You can monetize your blog or site using this technique. Be mindful that the polls and surveys that you are choosing should relate to the content on your website.

Usually, your visitors participate in voting and, you earn money on Cost per Mile basis from displaying it. So, it is quite important that your site gets reasonable traffic to make a good amount of money through this method.

26. Create Paid Directory Listings

This type of monetization is different than other methods. Dissimilar to running ads on a page, you spare some space on your site to enlist links of various businesses or services that are relevant to your niche.

Let’s assume that you run a beauty blog, and then you can have a separate page that displays links of manufacturers of beauty products.

You can charge those companies to get enlisted on your Paid Directory List. You can charge them $5 a month. So, if you have a list consisting of 200 websites, you can simply earn $1000/month!

27. Create a Job Board

Create a Job Board

Image source

To collect additional money, setting up a job board on your site is an easy and simple way. You can dedicate some space from your blog to allow different companies and businesses to post job vacancies. By charging them a minimal fee, you can make good money and offer something useful to the readers at the same time.

It is the best passive method to generate money on a regular basis. But make sure that you choose only those companies that are related to your field. For example, if you own a nursing site, then you can let job boards offer medical jobs. To achieve great results with this method, you should have a good number of readership and a large subscriber base.

28. Sell your Custom Theme or Template

If you are a web designer and know how to create your own custom themes or templates, then you can sell your skills on your website. Nowadays, businesses launch their websites and, they prefer going for beautifully designed themes and templates. Therefore, there is a great demand for more of these and, you should take advantage of this by making fully optimized themes.

Based on the quality and popularity of your themes, you can sell each between $20 – $100. To establish this kind of business, you need to showcase your skills on your site to help your clients decide in your favor.

There are so many marketplaces where you can sell your high-quality, fully optimized themes and templates such as ThemeForest, Theme Monster, etc.

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29. Accept Donations

A method that many people are unaware of or find awkward to adapt, donations are an alternate source of earning from your website. You can ask your readers to donate a small amount to help you cover your expenses for the website if they find your content useful and want to support your journey.

The best way to get donations is to set up a donation button using PayPal and introduce it on your site. Many people, who don’t want to run ads on their sites, can use this model. A lot of big websites like Wikipedia run on donations. This method is also helpful for you if you have some nice information to share on your site.

However, there are some people that don’t think of it as something good. But the nice thing about this model is that it can be easily set up and left. It is totally up to the people if they want to donate some money or not. And trust me, if you offer genuine help to the readers, you’ll be surprised how many people give you a positive response.

30. Sell Your Website or Blog

Sell Your Website or Blog

If any of the 29 methods discussed above doesn’t work for you and you believe that someone else can make it work better, then you can think of selling your site or blog and making a quick buck. Believe me; you would be surprised by seeing how many people are ready to purchase your site or blog for a great amount of money.

There are so many lazy people out there who prefer to run already established sites instead of building a website from the scratch as it takes a lot of effort and time. And, some people build and sell websites to others only to make money. The advantage of this is that you can make a lot of money if there are more features on the website.

Final Words

Now, you have all the information to plan and organize the monetization strategy for your blog. Above discussed 30 methods are a great start, but you should adjust them according to your needs and theme.

Have you used any other strategies that aren’t listed in this article? If so, then let us know your views via comments!

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