Top 15 Web Hosting Environmentally Friendly

Top 15 Web Hosting Companies That Are Going Environmentally Friendly

Top 15 Web Hosting Companies That Are Going Environmentally Friendly

You must have realized while using a PC or a laptop that it starts emitting heat after a little while. Now, think of the heat that is emitted by a server which manages thousands of sites. Obviously, it would be much greater than that emitted by a single laptop. Lastly, visualize that this server is one of those millions arranged all over the data center. And, that data center is one of those thousands found everywhere around the world.

Top 15 Green Web Hosting Environmentally Friendly

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The more heat a server generates, the more carbon dioxide enters the environment. And, the web hosting industry consumes more energy and emits more CO2. As per some report, the Internet accounts for almost 10% of the world’s energy consumption. It is said that if the Internet were a country, it would rank as the 5th largest country for energy consumption.

But thankfully, we have some web hosts that understand the threats of the active use of the Internet and technology for the environment. From building eco-friendly data centers to buy RECs, they are working to make the world a better and healthier place to live in, without compromising on the service. Below are the top hosts picked by us that are providing green web hosting services:

1. Top Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting Overall

Do you know how much energy the website traffic consumes? Presently, there are more than one billion websites on the Internet, of which 330 million are in the running state. Majority of the 75 million servers which host the websites are powered by fossil fuels, which creates the carbon footprint. The Web Neutral Project, a digital sustainability initiative, calculated that an average-sized website emits around 4700 pounds of CO2 in a year – equivalent to driving a car for over 5000 miles.

However, you can make a positive impact on the environment by getting the right hosting provider. The industry’s top eco-friendly web hosting provider, GreenGeeks, focus on business approaches to minimize carbon footprint. California based GreenGeeks puts back 3x more power as it has consumed to the grid in the form of renewable energy. Since 2009, GreenGeeks is a U.S. EPA Green Power Partner and the best green web hosting provider today. Also, it works with environmental foundations by purchasing the wind energy credits.

GreenGeeks never compromises on delivering the top-notch service, performance, security, or support while being environmentally friendly as well. This platform gives scalable computing resources, advanced security, SSD Storage Arrays, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, nightly backups, expert 24/7 support, and free domain registration.

Explore more about how GreenGeeks manages to be super-green while providing best hosting service below:

2. Top Environmentally Friendly Low-priced Hosting

You might think that it requires you to pay some extra amount to align with the host that provides eco-friendly services. Green web hosting usually depend on water, solar, or wind to minimize their electricity usage and reduce their expenses many times. Even after investing in the new equipment, many of the hosts manage to benefit themselves from minimized functionality costs and a larger customer base when moving to eco-friendly infrastructure. As the US Department of Energy, the companies would be able to save nearly $2 billion if the U.S. data centers were 20% extra efficient.

Many of the top hosting providers use those funds in providing their customers with amazing hosting features and, charge them for as low as $5/month. The top three hosts are mentioned below that comes with unlimited space, great support, and solid security features at an affordable cost. They have the truly admirable green web hosting track record.

Top 15 Green Web Hosting Environmentally Friendly - Low-priced hosting

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Like, the supporting web servers and data centers of iPage runs entirely on wind energy. Being a partner of an EPA Green Power, it purchases RECs to offset their energy usage with wind by 200%. If you happen to use this eco-friendly, wind-powered hosting, you can happily state that you are stopping tons of CO2 to enter the atmosphere which is just like planting trees around 244 acres.

When searching for the most inexpensive green hosting provider, Fatcow comes on top of the list as it was one of the first hosting companies to go green. With the help of purchased green energy tags, it lessens the amount of energy used by the web servers. Every year, Fatcow checks its energy consumption and purchases an equal amount of energy to balance out the emissions generally.

Learn more about these companies’ social responsibilities by opening the website below:

3. Top Environmentally Friendly VPS Hosting

As you have read in the last section, if you virtualize the servers, it helps greatly in optimizing the company’s energy utilization and makes the data center efficient in general. In such a scenario, the workload gets stabilized and, on virtualizing one physical web server into multiple smaller virtual devices, the enterprises can put to use a less amount of equipment. It has a great effect on cooling costs. As per the Energy Star, if the one-watt hour is saved of energy at the server level, it results in 2x more savings at the facility level.

Top 15 Web Hosting Environmentally Friendly - VPS hosting

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Our three best hosts recommended for eco-friendly VPS hosting stands better than others because of their best hardware configurations. GreenGeeks Hosting and A2 offer outstanding services in their SSD-powered virtual workplaces.

GreenGeeks has become increasingly popular because of the consistently outstanding quality of its services and investment made to go green. The company founded its first-ever green data center in California and, reduces the cooling cost by 70% and carbon output by over 2000 tons every year. GreenGeeks data center completely relies on green energy and has great policies including cutting down waste, implementing recycling process, and minimizing the paper usage.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, A2 Hosting, nicknamed Tree Town, realized that it is important to protect our planet from pollution. In 2007, it became partners with – a leading organization that fights against global climatic change, to become effectively carbon-neutral. They introduced the work-from-home option for their employees, thus stopping unwanted CO2 emissions from daily transport. Also, the company makes use of old web servers instead of moving them to landfills. Even more, A2 Hosting promotes its brand with the planting of trees when a hosting package is sold successfully.

Feel free to learn more about the VPS services of GreenGeeks Hosting and A2 Hosting, together with HostGator, by clicking on the button below:

4. Top Environmentally Friendly WordPress Hosting

That’s quite interesting that our top three recommended eco-friendly web hosts for WordPress come originally from the company’s main office based in the state of California. It is the place where the extremely popular CMS came into existence and continues to functions. Out of every state which is making continuous progress in respect of sustainability, California excels by installing more solar power yearly than others added in over four decades.

Top 15 Web Hosting Environmentally Friendly - WordPress hosting

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From one out of 2 hosting providers supported by the WP core team, BlueHost is our favorite as it takes a very holistic way to provide green service trying to minimizing their impact on the environment. Its workplaces are LEED Platinum and Energy-Certified, has optimized HVAC systems to keep the energy demand low all over the year, and data centers are powered by grids that get electricity from various renewable sources. The company has measured its impact on the environment, so, it designed cooling systems for efficiency that uses both reclaimed and municipal water. The working environment is designed keeping sustainability in focus: less paper usage, recycling, financial incentives to promote public transport usage, etc.

We are about to discuss GreenGeeks again in this article as it is second to none when it comes to sustainability and WordPress hosting. We have already shared above how the company has become the best eco-friendly host. So have a look at some of the impressive features that GreenGeeks offers to the WordPress users: unlimited bandwidth, web space, and databases, automatic updates, a free domain, timely backup, improved security, shared SSL, 1-click WordPress installation functionality, and Cloudflare CDN Integration.

Read more about the two Golden State web hosting providers and their WordPress features below:

5. Top Environmentally Friendly Cloud Hosting

To handle the high-availability, scalable and additional resources, cloud hosting requires numerous web servers and hardware. It makes you think that the infrastructure set-up is quite hard to function sustainably. Even so, cloud hosting has the ability to impressively minimize the company’s energy consumption and carbon footprint up to 90% as compared to running software and hardware in the building.

Cloud computing help enterprises to improve their resource utilization in a plethora of ways. As per a Microsoft report, it reduces surplus capacity, levels out peak loads, brings up large-scale virtualization, and makes the data center infrastructure better in general. Basically, cloud computing encourages increased collaboration instead of making use of independent web servers and domains.

Top 15 Web Hosting Environmentally Friendly - Cloud Hosting

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Our best and recommended cloud hosting providers take a number of moves to reduce their overall environmental impact. For instance, through its purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates, HostGator stopped around 3,600 tons of CO2 from releasing into the atmosphere in 2009. It purchases green energy credits that offset 130% of the electricity used to power and cool the company’s servers – equivalent to removing 444 cars from the road. Through this, HostGator is working to reduce pollution and support our local renewable energy resources.

Located in German, 1&1 IONOS became an EPA Green Power Partner for its Lenexa, Kansas Data Center. It purchases RECs to lessen the company’s impact on the earth’s climate. The company use highly efficient power supplies with less than 20% heat loss and offset emissions of around 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year. The Kansas Data Center continues its green efforts by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, supporting clean energy technologies, and contributing to a clean energy future.

Check how these top cloud hosting providers are saving the environment from pollution below:

6. Top Environmentally Friendly Dedicated Server Hosting

In dedicated hosting, if a website owner leases a web server, it causes a huge load on the data center’s energy resources. Electricity constitutes nearly 25%-40% of the data center’s running costs. The cost to start and run a web server is usually more than the initial acquisition price. And, what is terrible about this is that customers use only 10% of the server’s resources.

Top 15 Web Hosting Environmentally Friendly - Dedicated hosting

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Anyhow, the dedicated server is suitable for large enterprises which needs a great deal of computing power. In such a scenario, feel free to look at our recommended hosts which include BlueHost and HostGator that works to maximize their sustainability and energy efficiency.

BlueHost’s dedicated servers come with remarkable speed and stability, offer 20x faster performance, have 99.999% network uptime, protect from attacks with multi-layer defense. Then, we have HostGator as one of the best options that offer OS adaptability with both Linux and Windows options. Additionally, it offers great security measures and free website migration. With this hosting provider, you will have access to automatic site backups, malware removal, and safety against DDoS attacks.

To know more about dedicated server hosting by BlueHost, and HostGator click on the links below:

7. Top Environmentally Friendly Reseller Hosting

With reseller hosting, one company or a hosting provider sell their space and bandwidth to another company or small-sized business, who then sell parts of their web server to other site owners.

In a recent study by Unilever, it was stated that every third consumer chooses to purchase products/services from companies according to their environmental and social impacts. Over 20% of consumers said that they would deliberately buy from those companies that share their sustainability approaches with the public. And, nearly 70% of people prefer to pay more for such companies that are known for protecting the environment.

It is obvious that energy-efficient and eco-friendly approaches make a business more successful. So it’s better to look for green web hosting partner that lets you promote your green hosting services. Like, GreenGeeks Hosting follows eco-friendly policies, offers fantastic technical support, excellent reliability, and free site migration with 90 days money-back guarantee to build a customer base. With Bluehost, you get the chance to place your branding on around 700 articles and over 500 tutorial videos to make your customers learn about the various services you are about to offer.

Then, there is GreenGeeks which has almost automated the billing and hosting management by offering a free WHMCS license in its reseller plan. Having an impressive approach to green web hosting and saving the earth’s climate, GreenGeeks allow its users to educate the potential customers that how it is going to have a good impact on the environment when they choose their services.

To know more about the different reseller hosting opportunities, click on the buttons below:


Environmentally Hosting providers are on the run to save the earth

Considering the invisibility and complication of the internal working of the Internet, it’s difficult to understand how huge environmental impact a site makes just by getting visited. Every Google search results in CO2 emissions. To be precise, Google gets 3.5 billion searches in a day and accounts for 40% of the Internet’s carbon footprint. As per an estimate, every Google search emits around 1g-10g of carbon dioxide. Almost 2.1 billion people use Facebook every month which adds up to the company’s footprint making a total of 979,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent to 12,960 tanker trucks of gasoline.

The web hosting industry is going to explode in the coming years. The demand for web hosting services keeps on increasing and, it is seeing continuous month-over-month growth which consumes more electricity. The 2nd largest power users in the world are the data centers. Building an energy-efficient data center is another thing, you can still do your part in protecting the world by coming together with the green hosting provider. Associate your online business with such hosting providers who understand that they have a considerable impact on the environment. If the site owner and web hosts work together for a green world, they’ll definitely make some difference.

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