Top 10 Best Tips for Choosing a good Domain name

Top 10 Best Tips for Choosing a good Domain name

Top 10 Best Tips for Choosing a good Domain name

Everyone starting an online business wants to have a good name for their website. However, choosing a good domain name is not an easy task. It’s a process of consideration, researching and making the decision.

Top 10 Best Tips for Choosing a good Domain name

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For anyone who doesn’t know what is a domain name, I have a little bit explanation for you. For easier to understand, a domain name is a web address of your website. It’s a name instead of a group of your website’s IP address. It works like your home address, the name is unique and should be easy to remember.

Example of this website:

  • nameclerks: is the domain name
  • com: is the domain extension

So, make sure to choose the domain name fits your business, easy to promote and find. Below are some tips for choosing a good domain name which you should know

1. Thinking about .COM first

Always thinking about .COM extension first when finding a domain name. All the time people are tending to type in the browser .com when they search things. So that, if you have .com domain, you’re in their mind first. Don’t said that other extensions like .net, .org, .info are not good. There’re hundreds and thousands of successful websites that use .net, .org extension (or other extensions), but using .com is ideal.

2. Keep it short and simple

Short and simple is the good point to keep your domain name appearing first in customers’ mind. You should always to remember that “The shorter the better”, “The shorter the easier to remember”

3. Make it easy to type and spell

Typing the domain name correctly on browser is important for customers to remember your domain. So that, you should choose a domain which is easy to type as well as easy to spell. If they’ve known and remembered your domain easily, your business has more chance to go viral.

4. Avoid using hyphens and numbers in the domain

Using numbers or hyphens in domain is often misunderstood. That’s because when someone who hears your domain doesn’t know whether you’re using a numeral or it’s spelled out. Example: top10 or topten or top-ten? you need to clarify this.

5. Consider using keywords in the domain

In the past, domain names contain keyword have more benefit in SEO keyword. However, this is not a strong SEO factor nowadays. But having your main keyword in domain name also benefits your business, especially if you’re running a website focusing on the micro niche with that keyword.

6. Consider using the local domain (ccTLDs) or local name

If you have a business based in London and your target audiences in London only, then you can use the name, example yourserviceinLondon .com or yourservice .london (.london extension). This may help you to specify and narrow potential leads in business.

7. Avoid using trademark domain

I see that some people bought a good name but it’s trademarked such as having the word google, sony, samsung,…in the name. Hence, before registering, you should research if your domain is violated any trademarks. Stay away from these names, as well as the name of the popular companies, celebrities,…

8. Choose a domain that can be expandable

If your business is general and you have a plan to expand it in the future then try to choose a domain that meet most of your requirements. Example your business is about men’s shoes fashion, however you will expand the business to women’s shoes fashion in the future then you can not choose the domain like menshoesfashion. com. Try choosing a name that covers both men’s shoes and women’s shoes fashion.

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9. Avoid using long and strings of words

If you have many keywords need to focus and wanted them appearing in the domain, you want to make a domain like keyword1keyword2keyword3keyword4keyword5 .com. This is not a good name and I would not recommend this. It’s confusing causes customers trying to remember the order exactly.

10. Get the domain as fast as possible whenever you find it available

If you find an available domain name as your expectation, act fast to grab it. There’re many people like you are searching this. So that, if you’re seriously about your business, buy it whenever you can. You should also buy some other various domain extensions like .net, .org,…of your domain name. This helps you to prevent your competitors from registering other extensions and your customers are redirected to your main website when they come to those extensions.

For buying a domain name, I would suggest you to buy at large domain registrars and use promo codes for saving money


Whenever finding a perfect domain name for your business, you need to consider all things I’ve mentioned above. There’re many other factors you need to consider too, but I didn’t list in this article. If you have an idea and want to make a domain from it, you should read this article how to generate it here: Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators for Finding a Good Business Name

If you would like to buy an old domain name (or an existing domain name), you should read this article first Top 4 Things you need to check before buying an old domain name

Hope you have a success in your domain career!

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Tips for Choosing a good Domain name”

  1. Yeah, I also would say that if you find your correct domain name, just use it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the .com extension; even though it’s the most popular domain extension, you might as well use .org (which is also good looking and easy to remember).

    I have myself two website projects and both have .org extension, because the .com is taken (but not in use, just registred).

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