Top 10 Best Link Building Tools

Top 10 Best Link Building Tools to Boost Your Rankings 2020

Top 10 Best Link Building Tools to Boost Your Rankings

Before I dive into the great link building tools, I want to discuss some evident transformation happened in the SEO world.

Many changes occurred in the link building tactics during the past few years. Such changes can be seen in our SEO tools too.

Top 10 Best Link Building Tools

As the former automated link building tools posted comments automatically like GSA’s Search Engine Ranker and Kontent Machine, the latest tools have switched to the non-automatic research and outreach platforms.

The tools that other link builders and I use nowadays are much the same as those used for the Public Relations (PR) instead of link building. Actually, a few from my preferred tools are used for Public Relations.

Even so, we can still find plenty of tools that are completely dedicated to the purpose of link building.

This article will give you a battle-tested list of tools for link building, containing both PR and link building-specific tools.

The powerful stack of tools can be categorized in the three core areas:

  • Link Research Tools
  • Reporting Tools
  • Prospecting & Outreach Tools

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Link Research Tools

To me, research is more than the task of finding websites. I believe that it is a process of finding out which sites you should connect with in time to come. For that reason, you should work on forming quality criteria, types of sites, authority metrics, and many more.

Here are the two tools that have the largest links database and powerful reporting.

The main reason for including both sites is that I have witnessed one displaying the data that the other doesn’t. It is quite possible to find a few links to your competitors’ sites in Ahrefs that you won’t find in Majestic and conversely, some links of Majestic won’t be shown in Ahrefs.

You can use these tools together to create a complete list of sites for analysis. And when it comes to pricing, many SEO tools offer different plans for which you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

1. Ahrefs

  • Pricing: Lite Monthly Plan costs $99 for a single user
  • Payment options: Monthly/ Annual – Discount on annual plans
  • Website:

ahrefs link building tools

Image source: Ahrefs

In general, Ahrefs is for those who take link building seriously. Unlike Majestic, some reports on Ahrefs are way simpler and easier to run within the tool. This tool is expensive, but if you are looking for a larger database, then Ahrefs is the best choice.

Following are the reports to use in Ahrefs in place of Majestic’s:

  • Pages > Best by links: Below are the two great uses of this report:
    • Identification of the competitors’ hottest content that receives most links to influence your content marketing methods.
    • Identification of the type of websites that link to similar competing content you will create.
  • Pages > Best by link growth: We can call it a trend report as it displays the content that has been generating links from the last 30 days. Get the content from here that receives an increasing number of links, grab the opportunity, and produce more powerful content.

2. Majestic

  • Pricing: Lite Monthly Plan costs $49.99 for a single user
  • Payment options: Monthly/ Annual – Discount on annual plans
  • Website:

majestic link building tools

Image source:

Which another word can describe this SEO tool better than majestic. With the world’s largest link index database, you can use Majestic in many ways to build the links.

Below are a few tips on how to use this tool and which reports will have great influence on your link building:

  • Topics: Use this data to identify the types of websites from which you will be creating links. You can run this report on the link profiles for best-ranking sites and then, find websites that fall into the similar groups.
  • Referring Domains: This can be used to estimate:
    • The number of exclusive domains you should pay attention to for your site’s link building.
    • The number of domains by trust flow or citation flow.

Prospecting & Outreach Tools

The most difficult thing about link building is to find the highly relevant sites that will link to your content.

If you want to save some time, then consider creating a huge list of sites and reach out to the maximum of them. But, if you are assessing your link building success through links received in an hour and the level of those links, then the perfect way to manage prospecting is the manual or semi-automated approach.

Below are the tools that can be used for the most effective link building tactics:

3. Broken Link Builder by Citation Labs

  • Pricing: Starter Monthly Plan costs $67
  • Tactics: Broken link building
  • Use: Prospecting
  • Website:

Broken Link Builder by Citation Labs

Image source: Citation Labs

This tool is exceptionally good in the complete prospecting list as it finds out the broken links in the least possible time. In the Opportunities report, there is a list of broken links as well as the sites that point to those links.

Don’t forget to read article on broken link building for smart tips to use this data.

4. Pitchbox

  • Pricing: Basic plan costs $99-$1,500/month for 2 users
  • Tactics: Link building, Influencer Outreach, Online PR
  • Use: Prospecting, Outreach
  • Website:

Pitchbox tool

Image source: Pitchbox

Undoubtedly, Pitchbox is one of the most expensive tools available in the industry if we make a comparison with email tools such as MailChimp. But the integrated prospecting turns out to be useful for minimizing the amount of time to perform link building activities.

There are some important features that make us select other tools, otherwise, it would be an amazing email system:

  • Prospecting websites list builder
  • SEO metrics combined with the Opportunities report

5. BuzzSumo

  • Pricing: Monthly plans cost$79-$499; 20% discount on annual plans
  • Tactics: Blogger Outreach, Influencer Outreach
  • Use: Prospecting
  • Website:

buzzsumo tool

Image source: BuzzSumo

It is a phenomenal tool for those content marketers who want to form a list of blogs, authors, and influencers in the industry. No prospecting tool comes close in providing incredible insights into market trends than BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo serves various purposes, but below are the two powerful use cases for link building:

  • Finding influencers: Under the Content Research and Influencers area, there is a collection of influencers that can be searched by specific keywords in the content they shared. In this scenario, the best use case is to find the most shared report, come across the influencer whose content has been shared over 2000 times, and then contact/engage with them to promote your content. It will give a great many organic links to your content.
  • Finding backlinkers: With the first use case, you can identify the influencers in your industry while the second one goes much deeper. It finds those backlinkers that have shared the content. Get a list of backlinking sites by content and then, create better content on similar topics.

6. Link Assistant

  • Pricing: Annual cost: $124-$299
  • Tactics: Blogger Outreach, Influencer Outreach, Directories, Guest Posting, Competitor Backlinks
  • Use: Prospecting, Outreach
  • Website:

Link Assistant research tool

Image source: Link-assistant

One of the SEO Power Suite tools, LinkAssistant, comes with the most effective prospecting mechanisms. Even if I don’t count the earlier tactics like forum linking for which the LinkAssistant can be used, there are still so many other prospecting mechanisms including customized reports, giveaways, guest posting, directories, reviews, and resource pages which can bring a huge, unfiltered list for you to go through.

With the LinkAssistant, you can create a custom email for every site once you filter through the list of websites on the prospecting lists.

7. Muck Rack

  • Pricing: Annual plan starts at $2,000
  • Tactics: Influencer Outreach, Digital PR
  • Use: Prospecting, Outreach
  • Website:

muck rack tool

Image source: Muck Rack

Unlike other prospecting tools, Muck Rack focuses much on online PR than link building.

With this tool, you can identify and contact high-quality journalists or bloggers in your niche, monitor the news, and build reports. The basic link building strategies won’t be helpful here as it’s truly a PR platform.

As we can see, link building is becoming more about pitching the right influencer and online Public Relations, so the PR tools must be added on our lists.

Reporting Tools

Even though most of the tools in the last area have built-in report functionality, still I find the non-existence of some custom reporting and the feature to relate links to the ranking performance.

8. Google Sheets

  • Pricing: Starts at free of cost
  • Tactics: Influencer Outreach, Digital PR, Directories, Citations
  • Website:

google sheets

If we check on a list of link building tools, you may possibly not find Google Sheets there. However, its ability to totally personalize your reports make everyone use this tool for any kind of reporting.

To get going, you can create a basic report that can be a link acquisition and quality report.

Below are the columns you should add on the sheet:

  • Standard fields
    • Acquisition Date
  • Link details
    • Domain
    • Page of URL
    • Anchor text
    • Title of the Page
    • Target URL – Your site’s page to which the link points
  • Linking domain metrics
    • Domain Authority (Moz)
    • Page Authority (Moz)
    • Linking domains (Ahrefs domains pointing to that page where your link exists)
    • Total number of links (Ahrefs links pointing to that page where your link exists)
    • Spam score (Moz)

9. Cyfe

  • Pricing: Premium Monthly Plan costs $29 with unlimited users
  • Tactics: Influencer Outreach, Digital PR, Directories, Citations
  • Website:

cyfe tool

Image source: Cyfe

This tool can be considered as a combination of Agency Analytics and Google Sheets, being totally customizable and able to automatically collect data from various sources to create a purposeful report at the same time.

10. Agency Analytics

  • Pricing: Monthly Plans costs $49-$499; 20% discount on annual plans
  • Tactics: Influencer Outreach, Digital PR, Citations, Directories, et al.
  • Website:

agency analytics tool

Image source: Agency Analytics

With Agency Analytics, you can create 100% customizable dashboard in minutes that gets automatically filled with data from Majestic and Moz. And then, that data is linked to performance metrics such as natural traffic, ranking, and more.

The main purpose of SEO attempts and link building is the qualified traffic that generates more sales therefore great reporting is required to form a connection between them.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it. I have compiled a list of best tools keeping every link builder in focus, from organization-grade services with reasonable plans and highly technical tools to the simple ones.

But most importantly, I wish that you find a tool here that strikes your interest and fits your approach for link building.

Besides, the purpose of sharing the list of best link building tools with you is to make you see that there are numerous tools available where each one is developed to cater to a different business need.

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And, if you think that you might have to spend one grand every month to be a link builder, this isn’t probably correct. While they take some extra time, you can dramatically improve your link building efforts using them and can lead to increased natural traffic and ranking.

So, if you find the right tool for your job here, give it a shot and share your experience with me!

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