Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons for Domain Registrations and Web hosting Orders

Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons for Domain Registrations and Web hosting Orders

As you know that, nowadays, Godaddy is the world’s leading domain name registrar as well as the biggest web hosting provider. You can register most of the popular TLDs, gTLDs, or ccTLDs from them.

Currently, Godaddy has more than 17+ million customers with more than 75+ domain names under management. They also have 14 facilities around the world including America, Asia, Europe, India and more, with 7+ thousand employees.

Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons


Godaddy sometimes offers many useful coupons for their customers, both the old and new customers. These Godaddy coupons discount on many services, ranging from domain names, web hosting to website builder, SSL, Whois privacy, and more.

1. Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons for Domain Registrations

Godaddy Coupons Price Note
GDD99COM CJC99COM CJC99COM2 CJC99COM8 CJC99ZCOM1 CJCCOUP99 CJCSIGLERC CJCRMN99U CJCTECH99 CJCBH99 CJCMMA99 CJCEB99 $4.99 $4.99 .COM domain registration. For all customers
CJC99AU $4.99 For Australia customers only (AU)
CJC99UK CJC99UK1 CJC991UK TDE1CUK £4.99 For United Kingdom customers only (UK)
CJC99R CJC189R Rs499 For India customers only (IN)
CJC99BZ R$4,99 For Brazil customers only (BR)
CJC99CA C$4.99 For Canada customers only (CA)
GOFDEDE01 €4.99 For German customers only (DE)
CJC3CP CJCRMN2CP CJCRMN3CP 87% off Just only for $2.00/yr Whois Privaty + 87% Off .COM, .NET domains registrations
CJCCOUP149 CJC149S1 DCUS149R $5.49 $1.49 .COM domain names registrations
GDD30OFF 30% off All New Products


  • Limited 1 domain per customer
  • Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per year

Besides $4.99 .COM domain coupons above, Godaddy usually offers huge discounts for many other extensions like INFO, ORG, NET, LIVE, LIFE, CLUB,…and more. These discounted rates are from 20% off to 45% off depending on domain extensions you buy.

2. Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons for Web hosting orders

Godaddy Coupons Price Note
GDD1HOS CJCRMN1HOS CJCMMA1HS $1.00/mo Godaddy coupons for Web hosting + Free 01 .COM, .NET, .ORG domain
CJC1HOSGZ HOST1G156 CJC1HOS5 CJC399H $1.00/mo For Economy Web Hosting + Free 01 domain
CJC1HSTA $1.00/mo Australia Only
CJCDEFHT2C CJCHT2C C$1.49/ mo Canada Only
CJCH99R R$2,99 India Only
GDD1MWP CJCWPH1 CJCHONEYWH $1.00/mo For WordPress hosting + Free 01 domain
CJCGROUP50 CJCFWH50 CJC50IDC 50% off All Web hosting plans + Free .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO domain
CJCRMN50HU CJC50HST 50% off Deluxe hosting plan + Free .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO domain
CJCRMN35 CJCRMN35MB 35% off All New Products
GDD30OFF 30% off All New Products

These Godaddy coupons above are for Hosting plans only. You can buy Web hosting or WordPress hosting just $1.00/mo for 12 months packages. They apply for 12 months hosting plans only.

After the 1st year, you will need to renew the plan with regular price. It’s usually $7.99 – $16.99/mo on Web hosting plans.

3. Why to use Godaddy coupons?

In most of the cases, using coupons when buying domains or web hosting at Godaddy will save you a lot of money for the 1st term billing (1st year or 1st month). After the 1st year, the renewal price is also not too high, you can renew your plans or transfer away to another registrar if you want.

Godaddy is the largest domain name registrar, so that, many people trust them for naming their ideas. Every time you enter your idea to find a right name on Godaddy search box, they provide the largest pool of domain names to choose from. No any other better places to find the right name for your online business.

Godaddy also has the award-winning support team that can help you all the time you want. You can call them day or night at (480) 505-8877

4. How to use Godaddy coupons?

To use a Godaddy coupon when buying a new domain name, you just simply pick a working one above and paste it on the checkout page. The detail steps are below

1. Login to your Godaddy account and Enter the name you want to the search box, example: Godaddy will show you many available names to choose. Then press the button “Add to Cart” besides the name you want

Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons - Enter domain name

2. You continue by pressing the button “Continue to Cart” and go to the next step.

Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons - Continue to cart

3. Following their instruction to add or remove some services which they recommend.

Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons - Choose additional services

4. At the checkout page, at the right side near above the button “Complete Purchase”, there’s a small text “Have a promo code?”

5. Click on the text “Have a promo code?” and paste the coupon into the appearing text box. Press the “Apply” button to see the effect.

Top 10 Best Godaddy Coupons - Enter Godaddy promo code

If the coupon works well, you will get the discount rate applied to the total cart. Otherwise, Godaddy shows an error saying that the coupon doesn’t work. Continue to check out using one of your favorite payments like Paypal or Credit Card.

Note: Sometimes, you can not use Paypal to buy when using some types of Godaddy coupons or offers.

5. How to contact Godaddy?

To contact them, just simply go to this page, find relevant businesses with the right departments and reach them via the listed emails.

You can also use live-chat on the website to connect with them directly. Or call their award-winning support team 24/7 at (480) 505-8877 or visit the contact page here

6. Conclusion

With the world’s largest cloud platform focusing on all sizes of business, especially dedicated to independent and small ventures, Godaddy is the 1st place people come to create their brand, build their online presence and do their work.


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