Top 10 Best Domain Registrars for Domain Name Registration in 2019 Reviews

Top 10 Best Domain Registrars for Domain Name Registration in 2019 Reviews

Have you ever thought of buying a domain name for your business? If yes, you should read the top 10 best domain registrars I’m going to introduce to you below.

Buying domains is an activity happening daily in the domain and hosting industry. Everyday, there’re hundreds and thousands of domain names were bought and sold. If you’re a business owner, a developer or a domainer, you should buy domain names for your own. But, in among many of them, how to choose the best one to buy from?

There are many things you need to consider when choosing a domain provider. You also keep in mind that besides the price, you should consider on the support team, the renewal cost, the domain control panel (domain dashboard) or any hidden fee you should know.

List of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars in 2019

Registrar Price for .COM
Godaddy domain registrar Godaddy  $4.99   Check Now
NameSilo domain registrar NameSilo  $7.99   Check Now
NameCheap domain registrar NameCheap  $10.98   Check Now
DynaDot domain registrar DynaDot  $6.99   Check Now domain registrar  $8.99   Check Now
Exabytes domain registrar Exabytes  $6.90   Check Now domain registrar  $9.99   Check Now
1and1 domain registrar 1and1  $0.99   Check Now
123 Reg domain registrar 123 Reg  £11.99   Check Now
Bigrock domain registrar Bigrock  $9.99   Check Now

1. Godaddy Domain Registrar

Godaddy is now the world’s leading domain name registrar with 17+ million customers worldwide. Currently, they’re having more than 77 million domains under management, and this number is increasing day by day. They have the platform with the modern UI and friendly dashboard to help their customers easily to manage domain names. Godaddy’s mission is to become the first place people come to name their idea, create the website and transform their idea into the success.

Godaddy also usually offers coupon codes on domains and hosting for their customers. The discount rate ranges from 20% – 45% off any new orders. Especially if you’re a new customer at them, you will have a chance to register .COM domain just for 99 cents.

godaddy domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $0.99  $14.99  $7.99
.NET  $9.99  $18.99  $10.99
.ORG  $7.99  $19.99  $10.99
.INFO  $2.99  $19.99  $10.99
.CO  $11.99  $39.99  $39.99
.IO  $44.99  $48.68  $48.68

2. NameSilo Domain Registrar

NameSilo is a well-known domain registrar recently. They have a transparent price policy with no hidden fees such as transfer fee or transaction fee. Sometimes at other registrars, you will see these types of fees will not be public or listed explicitly. This makes customers confuse and tack on those fees, and hard to move out from them. NameSilo doesn’t nickel-and-dime their customers like some registrars that charge extra for every little utility.

Especially, NameSilo always offers free lifetime Whois Privacy for every domain you buy. This is the different point from other registrars. NameSilo, sometimes, also has an attracted offer for their customers, such as .COM domain registration just for $7.99/1st year. Besides, you can get discount more $1 if using this coupon code 1WELCOME (only once per account).

namesilo domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $7.99  $8.99  $7.39
.NET  $7.99  $11.79  $10.79
.ORG  $9.79  $10.79  $9.79
.INFO  $1.99  $11.19  $9.99
.CO  $21.69  $22.69  $21.49
.IO  $42.99  $42.99  $42.99

3. NameCheap Domain Registrar

NameCheap is one of the most popular domain registrars in the world. Their domain management page is so simple and quite easy to use, it’s also powerful to setup DNS records for your domain. Buying domain names at NameCheap is usually included a 1-year free Whois Privacy service which hides your real information from the public. Sometimes, you will receive more 1-year free email and 1-year free Positive SSL certificate on their promotions.

NameCheap frequently has deals and promotions with very cheap price for some extensions such as .bid, .trade, .webcam, .party, .science, .cricket, .faith, .date and many more. They also have monthly coupon codes for domain names, web hosting, VPS and Dedicated server. These coupons save you from 10% off domain registration, transfers, renewals to 40% off VPS hosting and Reseller hosting plans

namecheap domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $10.98  $10.98  $9.69
.NET  $12.98  $12.98  $11.88
.ORG  $12.98  $12.98  $11.48
.INFO  $1.99  $11.88  $11.88
.CO  $8.88  $23.98  $22.99
.IO  $32.88  $32.88  $32.88

4. DynaDot Domain Registrar

DynaDot is one of the fastest growing domain registrars today. They were founded in 2002 and up to now, they’re having 4 offices worldwide in US, China, and Canada. Dynadot’s goal is to help their customers register domain name simply, as well as build professional websites easily and affordably. They want to provide their customers with world-class hosting and domain registration services for a good price.

DynaDot also offers many deals and promotions for users frequently with reasonable price. One of their popular offers is .COM domain registration for $6.99/1st year, plus free privacy and free website

dynadot domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $6.99  $8.99  $8.99
.NET  $11.00  $11.00  $11.00
.ORG  $11.00  $11.00  $11.00
.INFO  $1.99  $11.00  $11.00
.CO  $11.00  $23.00  $23.00
.IO  $43.00  $43.00  $43.00

5. Domain Registrar is one of the most popular domain registrars along with Godaddy, NameSilo, NameCheap, and DynaDot. Namedotcom is a part of Donuts Inc., a leading domain name services company in the world. They’re an ICANN accredited domain registrar providing great domain as well as web hosting services to customers. The price at is reasonable and worth to buy.

Especially, every Thursday at 3 p.m. will announce a special promotion called Domain Happy Hour. In this promotion, some domains or products will be sold at a special price. It’s a big mega huge saving if that’s what you’re looking for. domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $8.99  $12.99  $8.25
.NET  $10.99  $14.99  $10.99
.ORG  $12.99  $12.99  $10.99
.INFO  $12.99  $12.99  $10.99
.CO  $19.99  $28.00  $22.99
.IO  $99.00  $58.00  $59.99

6. Exabytes Domain Registrar

Exabytes is a well-known domain name registrar and web hosting provider in SEA. They have the HQ in Penang, Malaysia and branch offices in Singapore, Indonesia. Currently, they’re having over 100,000 websites and over 1 million email accounts under management. Exabytes also has over 75,000 customers worldwide from individuals, small and medium-sized businesses to public listed companies and government.

Exabytes usually has promotions for big savings on domain names and web hosting. Their popular offers are .COM domain registration just for $6.90/1st year, and web hosting for $0.01/mo.

exabytes domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $6.90  $13.90  $13.90
.NET  $15.90  $15.90  $15.90
.ORG  $17.90  $17.90  $17.90
.INFO  $25.90  $25.90  $25.90
.CO  $39.90  $39.90  $39.90
.IO  $43.90  $43.90  $43.90

7. Domain Registrars

I group four domain registrars into one because they’re family registrars. They also have deals and promotions frequently for customers but the discount rate is not much, it’s from 15% – 25% off new orders. The domain prices from them are reasonable and good comparing to others. Normally, they have the same codes as well as the same rate on each deal they offer. However, sometimes they have different offers depending on each registrar

netfirms dotster mydomain registrars

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $9.99  $11.99  $8.29
.NET  $12.99  $15.99  $8.29
.ORG  $14.99  $14.99  $8.29
.INFO  $2.99  $14.99  $8.29
.CO  $11.99  $29.99
.IO  $49.99  $49.99

8. 1and1 Domain Registrar

1and1 is the most well-known domain registrar in the world today, especially in the UK. They frequently have promotions on many domain extensions for their customers. Like Godaddy, 1and1 also has $0.99 .COM domain deal and other $0.99 extensions such as .ORG, .IN, .INFO, .LIFE, etc. Besides domain names services, 1and1 is also one of the world’s leading hosting providers. They offer a wide range of hosting solutions from individuals to small and medium-sized businesses with high-end products and high-quality services

1and1 domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $0.99  $14.99  $0.99
.NET  $8.99  $19.99  $8.99
.ORG  $0.99  $19.99  $0.99
.INFO  $0.99  $19.99  $0.99
.CO  $6.99  $39.99  $6.99
.IO  $34.99  $49.99  $34.99

9. 123-Reg Domain Registrar

123 Reg is a popular domain registrar in the UK. They offer wide range products from domains registration to web hosting services, website builder, and SSL certificates. 123 Reg’s products are designed for small and medium business owner looking for an easy way to start their online business. They sometimes offer discounts on domain registrations, especially for .UK and .CO.UK with a free year when registering 2 years or more.

123 reg domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  £11.99  £15.99  £11.99
.NET  £9.99  £15.99  £11.99
.ORG  £7.99  £15.99  £11.99
.INFO  £2.99  £15.99  £11.99
.CO  £9.99  £29.99  £29.99
.IO  £69.99  £69.99  Free

10. BigRock Domain Registrar

BigRock is a company providing web-presence solutions ranging from small to medium-sized businesses. They’re ICANN accredited domain registrar and a part of EIG. They’re now having more than 6+ million domains under management, with over 10+ years of investment in technology R&D.

BigRock has a website version locally in India with .IN and globally with .COM extension. They sometimes offer good deals for customers such as .COM domain for Rs99 and Web hosting for $0.99. So that, if you’re living in India this is a big deal for you.

bigrock domain registrar

Register Renew Transfer
.COM  $9.99  $12.39  $11.99
.NET  $9.69  $11.99  $11.99
.ORG  $11.99  $10.59  $10.19
.INFO  $9.89  $11.29  $10.49
.CO  $9.59  $25.79  $24.99


Besides the top 10 best domain registrars I’ve introduced above, there are many other good guys that I haven’t mentioned. They are also good registrars and worth to buy from. If you’re wondering which domain registrars you should choose then this article helps you a bit.

If you know any other good registrars please comment below, I will research them and update to the latest for you.

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