Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators for Finding a Good Business Name in 2020 Reviews

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators for Finding a Good Business Name in 2020 Reviews

Choosing a desirable domain name for your online businesses is not an easy job. This is really a challenging work you need to do. It may take you much time to discover a good name but many time you might be stolen your heart. Almost good domain names (or known as premium domain names) were taken.

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However, nothing is impossible, there are still many acceptable domains that you can use for your online presence.

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators

Domain name generators are also known as Domain name hunting tools, Domain name suggestion tools, or Domain name exploration tools, etc. Below are top 10 best domain name generators I’ve introduced to you, hope they help you much in researching and finding a suitable one for your business.

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Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators

1. Domain Hole


DomainHole is a collection of powerful tools to help you find, check, and generate great domain names. The mini tool Name Spinner allows you to combine the keyword you input with the list of pre-defined words to create new unique domains. Choosing the position of the word list to put whether to end or to beginning of the new domain names. Then choose the extension (COM, NET, ORG, INFO,…) and the sort type. Finally, press the “Spin it” button to generate the list of domains.

You can also use the tool Name Generator to have DomainHole automatically generated a list of available domain names for you based on the length and extension you choose. Besides 2 domain generation tools, you can use other useful tools such as

  • Expired Search
  • Instant Check
  • Complete Check
  • Alerts
  • Bulk Check
  • Brainstormer

All domain tools at DomainHole are free for use.

2. NameMesh


NameMesh is a popular website generation tool which helps people to find their desirable domain names. They use technologies to combine and mix several words into your main keyword to generate several new domain names for you. They divide new domain names into 8 popular groups below

  1. Common name
  2. Similar name
  3. New name
  4. SEO name
  5. Short name
  6. Fun name
  7. Extra name
  8. Mix name

You can choose to show or hide registered domain names, or filter to limit domain names on its maximum characters.

3. Lean Domain Search

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - LeanDomainSearch


LeanDomainSearch is one of the best domain name generators giving you many available domain names based on the keyword you input. To have this, you just simply type the keyword you want into the textbox, like “SEO”, and then press the blue button “Search Domains” to start. The site then lists down for you a table of available domain names in green color. You can sort the results based on Popularity, Length, and Alphabetical. Or you can filter the results on “Starts with search term” or “Ends with search term to narrow the results

4. Dot-o-mator

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - Dot-o-mator


Dot-o-mator combines 2 lists of words (they’re called Beginnings and Endings) to generator new unique and available domain names for you. These lists are pre-defined or can be added by the words you want. After choosing the lists, you press the blue “Combine” button to get the results. You can click on each domain in the Results column to check its availability or save it to the Scratchbox. Dot-o-mator also has an iPhone app to allow you to quickly generate a new domain name on your own iPhone.

5. Wordoid

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - Wordoid


Wordoid is an excellent and powerful tool for making up words. To use the function, you need to input the keyword or pattern to the box, choose the language, quality, length and then press the “Create wordoid” button to generate the list of domains. You can choose whether to hide or show domains with both .COM and .NET unavailable.

6. NameStation

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - NameStation


NameStation allows you to combine 2 lists of pre-defined words together and generates a list of new words for you. You can also choose the extension of domain names generated. Besides the combination of wordlist 1 and wordlist 2, NameStation also provides you some filters to generate more variations of domain names.

Keyword Domains

  • Keyword Domains
  • Append Keywords
  • Combine Wordlists
  • Business Names
  • Similar Words
  • Alliterative Names
  • Portmanteaus
  • Hand-picked Names

Tweaked Names

  • Tweaked Words
  • Modified Wordlists
  • Tweaked Wordlists

Random Names

  • Random Names
  • Short Names
  • Combine Top Keywords
  • Random Business Names

You can also register a free account and start a contest to choose a perfect domain name for your online businesses.

7. BustAName

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - BustAName


BustAName is a domain name generator to help you find your desirable domain names. Just simply enter the keywords you want to the box and press the “Add” button for adding to the list of words. BustAName will use these words to create new available and unique domain names for you.

You can sort domains by

  • Length
  • Insert Order
  • Alphabetical (A-Z)
  • Readability (Quality)
  • Syllables

You can also choose the domain extensions having in the domain (com, net, org, info, biz) or the prefix, suffix, the 2-word combine or 3-word combine…

8. DomainsBot

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - DomainsBot


To use DomainsBot, you just simply enter the keyword into the text-box and press the find button. They will list out for you a list of available domain names as well as their price to buy from. You can choose to modify the TLDs, languages,…Adding or removing synonyms, prefixes, suffixes to make the domains more professional. You also filter them whether to see the adult content or not

9. Instant Domain Search

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - InstantDomainSearch


Instant Domain Search is one of the most well-known domain search tools in recent years. Whenever you have an idea on a new domain or business name, go to this page and type the name in the textbox, the site will show you its availability instantly. Besides the instant search feature, they provide you a Domain Name Generator which will generate a list of available domains for you to register.

10. DomainTyper

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators - DomainTyper


DomainTyper allows you to enter the keyword into the textbox and then auto-generates a list of available domain names for you. They also suggest to you some domain hacks as well as check that domain on social networks for the availability. You can hover the mouse over each domain name they suggested to add to favorites, double check the availability or set as Search term.

Other useful domain name generators you can use


These online tools above are the best domain name generators as I’ve known till now. However, the internet age changes daily, even hourly and there are more and more such tools appear. These tools not only save you time, money but also efforts in brainstorming the new ideas. Whenever choosing a perfect name for your business, you can register it at one of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

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If you guys have any other good tools please comment its name below, I will update more to the list.

Good luck to you,

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  1. I have tried myself NameMesh, and it is pretty good if you have an idea of what you want; I mean, if you want to create a gaming website and you have a slight idea of what name you wish, that page could help you out. I can imagine that rest of pages are similar, but as personal experience it works pretty cool.

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