Sedo Guide for Domain Investors

What is Sedo? is a domain name marketplace with over 19 million domain names listed, according to their website. Sedo is a company with over 130 employees. It sells approximately 3,500 domain names every month and has 4 million domains parked on its platform.

Sedo Features and Services

Buying Domains with Sedo

Sedo offers domain investors a variety of ways to buy domains through their platform. The main ways are through fixed pricing, offer negotiation, and marketplace auctions.

Sedo Buy Now

When you add domain names for sale on Sedo, you get the following options: price, minimum offer amount, currency, and price option – buy now or make an offer. Sedo claims that domains set with a Buy Now price sell up to three times faster than make an offer names.

Note that when buying domains in either a buy now or auction fashion, you will need extra verification to purchase names over $10,000. Don’t wait until the last day of the auction to get this verification.

Make Offer Negotiations

The domain offer has the ability to decide if their names will be listed with a price or if they only accept offers. They do have the ability to set a minimum offer amount. Once an offer is made, Sedo starts a negotiation thread between the buyer and seller.

One thing that can be slightly annoying as a buyer is that you can only have ten negotiation threads open at any given time. They also don’t automatically close.

Sedo, like Afternic, does a poor job of showing their available inventory on They have a few curated lists of inventory for sale and search features. But if you are a domain investor looking to search their whole inventory, you are out of luck.

Sedo Domain Auctions

Sedo offers a great market platform for domain investors to buy and sell domain names. There are three main types of auctions on Sedo.

  1. Market Auctions. Once you have listed your domain name on Sedo and a bid is placed, you may choose to put the name in auction. This is free to set up the auction and Sedo takes a 15% success fee on a sale.
  2. Direct Auctions. You can pay a one time $59 dollar fee to set up your domain name in a direct auction on Sedo. They take a 15% success fee as well.
  3. Auction Events. One intriguing aspect to Sedo is their themed auction series. To participate in an auction event, there is an application fee of $10 and you must have domain names that they want to list. Like the others, they take a 15% success fee on these as well.

Selling Domains with Sedo

If you are on the sell side of the equation, there are two routes to go with Sedo: sell through their market or enlist one of their brokers.

Sell with Sedo Marketplace

You can choose to list your names through Sedo’s marketplace directly. The fees in the above section apply to the seller, not the buyer. The main fee to notice is the 15% success fee on any sold domains.

Sedo does offer some boosters to help you market your domain auctions.

  1. You can choose to purchase home page placement for $39/mo. This will ensure your auction stays on the home page.
  2. For $9/ mo you can choose to make your auction a category highlighted auction. This will make sure it pops up when users search by category.

Sedo also uniquely offers its Sedo MLS network. This network of over 600 partner sites will syndicate your listing across the Sedo network. It’s free to turn on but you must choose to opt in.

Sedo Partner Network

Sedo Brokerage

Sedo also offers brokerage services if you desire to sell a premium domain. They have been along a long time in the domain industry and have some of the premiere brokers in the industry.

Using a Sedo broker to buy a domain

Sedo can help you or your company buy a domain. These are the details if you want to use their buy-side brokerage services:

  • They charge a one-time $69 fee to talk with their brokers
  • They charge you 15% of the total sale price when you successfully acquire your domain
  • They will provide you with confidentiality for an additional 2.5% of the sale price

Using a Sedo broker to sell a domain

Likewise, you can use Sedo’s brokerage services to sell a valuable domain. These services include:

  • No upfront costs on the sell side
  • A 15% fee if they successfully broker your domain name
  • Also an additional 2.5% for confidentiality

Additional Services

Sedo offers a variety of additional features and services that domain investors may find useful. We’ve highlighted some below.

Domain Parking. Sedo offers free domain parking with all names listed on its platform.

Domain Appraisals. They offer an appraisal option for $99 for a single domain appraisal.

Domain Transfers. One great perk is that they offer free, managed transfers for any name bought through the Sedo Marketplace.

Watch List. Sedo’s watch list is a nice feature. You can favorite auctions and domain listings that you want to keep an eye on, and when you log into your account you can monitor your watch list.

Auction Alerts. Similar to the watch list feature, you can follow particular auctions. When you indicate interest, you can set alerts for every time a bid is placed or specify a time before closing you would like to be alerted.

How does Sedo stack up to other domain marketplaces?

We will soon be writing a guide comparing domain marketplaces.

  • Sedo vs Flippa
  • Sedo vs Godaddy Auctions
  • Sedo vs Afternic

Sedo Reviews

Sedo is certainly a reputable marketplace for domain names. They maintain an Excellent rating on Trust Pilot with over 200 reviews, and an A+ rating with the BBB.

Marketplaces are only as good as their members. Remember, scams and illegal activity can happen on any marketplace so always use caution while investing in domain names.

Sedo FAQs

Is Sedo legit?

Yes. is one of the largest domain marketplaces in the world. They maintain an Excellent rating on Trust Pilot and an A+ rating with the better business bureau.

What does Sedo mean?

Sedo originally meant Search Engine for Domain Offers. It is also a nice abbreviation for Sell Domains. Sedo is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

How can I sell a domain name on Sedo?

Sedo allows multiple ways to sell a domain name.
1. Fixed price, or Buy it Now
2. Make an offer (negotiation) pricing
3. Different types of live auctions
4. Brokerage services

Is Sedo free?

Sedo offers free services. Setting up an account is free, as well as parking, domain transfers and more. Buying domains on Sedo is free. But selling domains on Sedo includes a 15% success fee among other service fees.

Is Sedo fast for selling domains?

It depends. Nothing about Sedo’s offering slows the process down, but domains can take years to sell to realize their intended value.

We hope you enjoyed our in-depth review of domain marketplace What questions do you have? Please leave them in the comments.

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