How to Pick Out a Domain Name Registrar for Your Online Business

How to Pick Out a Domain Name Registrar for Your Online Business  

How to Pick Out a Domain Name Registrar for Your Online Business 

While you are getting everything set for your business to make strides, your mind usually revolves around the major stuff. Before anything else, you want to get a striking name for your business. Other big things on the list could probably be an amazing new logo, a great new venue, etc. But when are you going to pay particular attention to your web presence?

Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators

In this day and age, the web presence for a venture is as much important as your physical location. And, the initial act that can build the web presence is your domain name. But hold on, who are the people that work behind the domain? You got to believe me that it is necessary for you to learn how to pick a domain name registrar.

Apart from choosing an amazing domain, there are a number of factors you’ll want to mull over. One of which is picking a reputable domain provider.

We’ll be discussing a few factors below that you’ll probably consider while choosing your domain and domain registrar.

How to Pick Out A Domain Name Registrar

When it comes to picking a reliable domain name registrar, there are some important things that you might want to consider. But, before you actually start the process of selection, let’s break it down into smaller parts.

Basically, registrar refers to a company like GoDaddy that handles the domain name registration procedure. Various domain extensions, comes in the category of gTLDs and ccTLDs, are handled by their corresponding registries. But such registries don’t sell off the domains directly to users. That’s when the registrar enters the picture.

Similar to an intermediary, the registrar functions with the registries to give domains to the users.

Now, as you have become well-informed about the registry-registrar and how their relationship works, let’s give a once-over to the factors that you should consider while choosing a domain registrar.

  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Accreditation

The ICANN is the governing body above the domain registrars. They provide directions and compels observance of rules that all accredited registrars have to follow. It holds great significance since it keeps domain name registration and management system like domain transfers, WHOIS updates, etc. in a normal and right state. Moreover, the domain customers are offered with a route for additional assistance if at any point in time they sense that their domain registrar isn’t obeying the ICANN rules.

This additional governance level is mandatory as your domain name identifies you over the web. Nearly all registrars are officially authorized by ICANN at the minute, yet if you’re unsure, you can examine the ICANN thoroughly by yourself.

  • Full Command Over Your Domain

There are a few registrars that give limited control over your domain. It could take in either the registrar inserting their own contact information to your domain details (which tends to make the domain transfer to a different provider more problematic), or stop you from making major changes to your domain settings like the power to point your domain to your preferred hosting provider.

Before you register your domain name, your selected domain provider should mention their policies. There is nothing wrong in asking the domain provider before the registration that whether you are going to have full command over your domain or not.

  • Uncompromising 24/7 Support

There will be no use of having full command over domain name when there is nobody to provide suitable answers to your questions that arise.

It is crucial to select such a provider that offers multiple facilities and features and helpful 24/7 support to its users.

Clearly, it is must to select a domain name that operates just as you want. People will be visiting your site, and you cannot afford to fail to get an advantage of the potential traffic just because of the setback with the chosen registrar. A quality and helpful support department can probably help you make the right choice. They make you familiar with the available features and options, that can assist you in making an informed decision regarding your domain.

  • Pricing and Domain Choices

Usually, domain names are available for such affordable prices. Nearly all of the common domain extensions are available in the market for $10-20 annually. Even so, you might want to consider a few extra features for your domain like the domain privacy, fraud protection, bulk registration, etc.

Not all features interest every user, so choose a domain registrar wisely that fulfill your requirements completely.

But how do these domain choices benefit you? Let’s talk about domain privacy as an example. Many a domain provider offer this feature, that can protect your personal contact information in the long-run. It is necessary for the domain registrars to enter right contact information on WHOIS searches for registered domains. Although it is useful to have the right contact information available on the directories, yet the terrible part is that spammers steal the contact information from the WHOIS directories.

To have domain privacy is important and great at the same time for safeguarding your personal contact information. Confirm that this feature is available with your domain registrar before you make a decision to purchase a domain.

And, what about other extensions? While many online ventures pick .com extension for their primary web address, there are hundreds of latest domain extensions available in the market that might interest you more. Not every domain provider will offer you a smorgasbord of domain extensions. So if you are greatly concerned about it, make certain that your selected registrar has them.

What’s Next?

As now you have the knowledge of how to pick a domain name registrar, you are all set for the upcoming step: registering your domain.

Some domain name registrars I’ve listed for you below

List of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars this year

RegistrarPrice for .COM
Godaddy domain registrar Godaddy $4.99  Check Now
NameSilo domain registrar NameSilo $7.99  Check Now
NameCheap domain registrar NameCheap $10.98  Check Now
DynaDot domain registrar DynaDot $6.99  Check Now domain registrar $8.99  Check Now
Exabytes domain registrar Exabytes $6.90  Check Now domain registrar $9.99  Check Now
1and1 domain registrar 1and1 $0.99  Check Now
123 Reg domain registrar 123 Reg £11.99  Check Now
Bigrock domain registrar BigRock $9.99  Check Now

The moment you have done it, give this guide a look-see to decide what to do later with your domain. Also, if you have purchased a single domain for your business, it is quite possible for you to consider adding more for brand safety.

It is to be hoped that these tips will help you with your process of deciding and get your business move in the right direction.

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