How to Transfer your Domain to another Domain Registrar

How to Transfer your Domain to another Domain Registrar

How to Transfer your Domain to another Domain Registrar?

Have you ever thought about moving your domain names from current registrar to another one? And how to transfer your domain? If yes, this is the right article for you. You might want to transfer your domain out of the registrar due to many reasons. You want to start a domain name transfer process because you’ve just sold it to a new owner. Or sometimes you need to buy more services but the current registrar cannot meet your requirements.

How to Transfer your Domain to another Domain Registrar

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1. Reasons why people want to transfer out

Frankly, as I know that, one of the most reasons that many people want to move is to cut down the renewal cost.

Normally, when buying domain names for the first year, people usually use coupon codes to reduce the initial price. The prices in these offers are very cheap, it’s from $0.48 to $6 for many extensions. Sometimes, you will catch up a deal for .COM registration just only 99 cents from good providers.

However, after the first year, they need to renew those domains at regular prices. That’s usually from $10 – $15 on .COM domain renewal depending on each registrar. If someone has hundreds or thousands of domain names need to be renewed, the renewal cost for them is a nightmare. So that, they need to cut down this cost. That’s the reason that many people want to transfer their domains to another registrar. Because the transfer price is always most cheaper than the renewal price.

However, no matter what is the reason, the transfer process from your current registrar to a new one is pretty easy and straightforward. Here below I introduce to you guys processes of how to transfer your domain, as well as things should be noticed when taking action.

2. Preparing for the transfer process

There are several things you need to keep in mind in order to have the transfer process completing successfully.

2.1. Unlock your domain

This is the first step you need to do. Unlock your domain otherwise you can not transfer it out. Usually, in the Unlock section, you will see the Authorization Code feature (It’s also called Auth Code or EPP code). You can also request this code from here too. This code is used in step 3 below

How to get the EPP code at Godaddy registrar

  • Firstly, login to your GoDaddy account and Go to your Manage Domains page.
  • At the Lock column beside each domain name, hover the mouse to it and click the “Edit” text.
  • A small popup window appears with 2 Lock option: On and Off.
  • You simply choose the option Off and press the Save button to finish.

2.2. Turn off your domain privacy

When this feature is turned on, your real information is hidden from the public. So that, you need to turn this feature off, because, in the transfer process, both old registrar and new registrar will use your public information on the domain to verify that you’re a rightful owner of that domain. Confirmation emails will be sent to the domain administrator’s email address, hence, you need to make sure that you have the right to access this email in order to confirm the transfer.

2.3. Make sure your domain is more than 60 days old

To protect your domain from stealing, domain registrars will hold it in 60 days from the day it’s registered. So that, if you’ve just registered your domains at the registrar, you need to wait more 60 days to transfer away.

Depending on each registrar’s policies, you can not transfer out domains after updating their information. You also can not transfer out if they’re going to expire. So that, you need to make sure that there’s no any information is changed within 60 days before the transfer.

However, if you transfer your domains to the new owner in the same registrar, you don’t need to wait 60 days. Usually, most domain registrars allow you push the domain immediately after buying. It’s called pushing domain (account-to-account) in the same registrar.

2.4. Use mediate Nameserver when transferring

Using mediate Nameserver (DNS) will ensure that your domain (or your living website) still be accessible and active in the transfer process. This also keeps you from losing traffic as well as customers. Currently, there’re many mediate DNS services on the internet that you can use. Among of them, I would recommend you to use Cloudflare DNS as the best free services I know.

2.5. Backup your website database and source code

If you have an active website running on that domain, remember to backup all your website database as well as the website source code before doing. This will ensure that when having problems in the transfer process, you have a chance to get the data back at no cost.

You also need to make sure that your information at the current registrar (phone number, email address,…) is correct and up-to-date. It’s because that in the transfer process, both parties will use that information to inform you as well as need a confirmation from you to complete the process. You should update these contact information in the domain dashboard (or domain control panel). Especially for the email address, it should be correct and accessible by you. Use Gmail or Yahoo mail is encourage in this case.

Warning: For some registrars, you will be locked 60 days after changing the contact information. So, make sure you read the fine print carefully before changing anything.

If you don’t know how to know your current registrar, just simply visit this Whois page and enter your domain in the box, then press the green search button to see the information.

nameclerks whois information

The information of domain. You can see the record Registrar: Godaddy

3. Request an Authorization Code at your old domain registrar

Login to your domain registrar and use the request Authorization Code feature to get this code. This is the code that every registrar must provide to you when requested. Some domain registrars send this code to the email address in your domain contact information while others allow you to generate it in domain dashboard. Usually, this feature is in the same place that you used to unlock your domain name.

How to get the EPP code at Godaddy registrar

  • Firstly, login to your GoDaddy account and Go to your Manage Domains page.
  • Click on the domain that you want to transfer out and go to Domain setting page.
  • At the Domain Setting page of that domain, you will see the text “Get Authorization Code” at the bottom. Just click on that text and the code will be sent to your email address associated with that domain.

This code will be used at your new registrar when you buy the transfer. Following the step 4 below.

4. Register a transfer domain at the new registrar

At the new registrar, login to your account and go to the domain transfer section. Enter the domain name that you want to move to here. Many domain registrars allow you to transfer several domains at once (it’s called bulk domain transfer). This will help you to quickly move all your domain names.

You will also need to enter the Authorization code that you’ve received at step 3 above. Make sure that you enter this code exactly otherwise the transfer cannot be processed. Copy and paste the code is a good way to ensure the accuracy.

Make a purchase and pay for the domain transfer at the new domain registrar. Then wait for a while.

5. Verify the transfer process from the old domain registrar

In shortly, you will receive an email containing the confirmation link asking if you authorize the transfer. Simply click on the link in the email and accept the transfer. An example as the image below:

transferring domain away from Netfirmsv

Transfering away from Netfirms. You will receive an email with a link, and when clicking that link, you will see the page like this. Just simply check the checkbox before the line “Check box here to accept and approve your transfer to 1068” and press the Submit button to approve the transfer.

Hence, the correct email is very important. If you don’t have an access to that email, you cannot continue to authorize the transfer process.

6. Wait for the release from old registrar

Once you have authorized the transfer, your old domain registrar will release the domain. The process usually takes up to 5 calendar days to complete. It depends on each registrar, some registrars just need some hours to finish the release while others need longer. You can visit here for more detail

When the transfer process has been transferred completely, the new registrar will notify you via your email. And at this time, your domain is under management by the new registrar, you need to log in to the account at the new registrar to edit the DNS

Your website at this time may be unavailable and can not be accessed until the transfer process is completed.

7. Conclusion

Transferring domain names is the activity happening daily between many registrars. People tend to switch from registrars that have a high price to another cheaper one. This is a smart strategy of many experienced domainers. If you have many domains then this strategy can help you to save thousands of dollars compared to the renewals at the old registrar.

For webmasters or entrepreneurs, knowing this simple process of how to transfer your domain from the old registrar to the new one may help them keep their site running and be active with lower cost.

Good luck to you,

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  1. Thanks!
    It’s pretty simple to do so. I have done myself few transfers from some spanish companies into a new ones with the Authcode, and they do not put you any trouble. I remember years back when they rejected your transfer or blocked for few days, it was so annoying. Now we can trust in almost any company that the transfer will be succesfully and in time

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