5 Important Elements to Develop an Effective SEO Strategy

5 Important Elements to Develop an Effective SEO Strategy in 2020

5 Important Elements to Develop an Effective SEO Strategy

Unlike every other industry, we have been spending much time exchanging SEO strategy (ies), techniques, tactics, and tricks with each other. Almost entirely, all of these things are done for mutual advantages.

5 Important Elements to Develop an Effective SEO Strategy

Doubtlessly, it is a superb thing.

However, we put in less time discussing how to build and grow our SEO strategies.

Certainly, the SEO strategies differ from each other all the way and, they should be, but there is a fundamental strategy with which other strategies are developed.

Following are the 5 things which are required to develop an effective SEO strategy:

1. The SEO Strategy Mind Map

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The mind map is a brilliant creation that helps to streamline your strategy in an interesting and engaging way. It is a diagram that starts with a central concept that branches off into topics and subtopics, where the ideas become more granular.

The mind map should not be considered as a visualization of your final strategy. Basically, this tool exists to help you better analyze and comprehend your ideas.

The mind map is a technique that helps you visualize your ideas and thoughts in such a way that it gets quite simple for you to see how well your ideas fit together. When using mind maps, you notice a considerable reduction in load that strategy has on your memory and you tend to focus more on thinking and brainstorming.

If you are looking for a software to create a mind map, be sure to check out Mind Meister, an easy-to-use and intuitive tool, or you can simply write down your ideas on a piece of paper.

With a mind map, the good point is that you can brainstorm the thoughts and ideas without being concerned about the sequence.

The mind map is a non-linear visual representation where you can find the complete information in a highly organized form that works in line with our brains’ natural way of doing things. So, I strongly recommend using a mind map to add some creativity to your SEO strategy.

2. The Graphical Depiction

As soon as your SEO strategy gets more definitive, you will require a more detailed and comprehensive document than the mind map.

But, know that strategy is a high-level plan used to achieve objectives.

When you develop a strategy, you have certain objectives and, multiple tasks are attached to those objectives. Some tasks occur over and over again, and then there are some that come before others and the lower-level tasks keeps on breaking down into a greater number as the time passes by.

To present this complex yet detailed plan to your clients and work-groups fast and conveniently, you need to share it in a format that is easy to understand and edit for even those who have very little technical knowledge.

Some of the recommended tools to share plans in understandable format includes Google Sheets, Basecamp, Workzone, and Trello. In this scenario, the selection of a specific tool is not as much important as your approach to using it.

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Whichever tool you use, it must be easy for your team to read the plan and make alterations if required. Moreover, your plan must clearly show:

  • Which resource is assigned to which task
  • Which tasks come after the first task
  • State of every task: Planned, In Progress, Recurring, and Finished

3. Know Your Audience

It is really important for you to understand who your audience is and, that helps a lot in making useful generalizations.

These are some things you need to learn about your audience, either by connecting with them, doing surveys, exploring relevant internet trends, or all of these and much more:

How much marketing does your audience accept?

If you have been associated with the self-improvement market, it would be easier for you to understand that how comfortably the experts persuade their audiences to buy something undesired or additional and, continually spend a considerable amount of money on the advertisements of their products. Or, if you have ever tried linking any of your things on Reddit, you must have known that the website finds every type of marketing extremely wrong. Keeping this in mind, you should learn about what and how much your audience can accept and develop your strategy accordingly.

What is the knowledge level and type of your audience?

It is very important to determine that how much background you need to provide to your audience. Are they someone who possess basic knowledge of the subject and are completely unaware of the technical terms? Or your audience is fully knowledgeable about the subject and would find your basic material time-wasting to some extent?

How much are they associated with the market?

You can figure out the closeness of your audiences by their types: either businesses or consumers. Do they know everything about your market or have no idea about it? Learn about their interests whether they want to increase their knowledge about the market or only care about their benefits.

4. Understand Your Company

Even if you are an internal or outsourced SEO, a strong understanding of the company is necessary to have to make your SEO strategy successful. You need to be aware of your power and strengths you have with which you can get the maximum SEO value, which strategies would be great for brand recognition, and which hurdles can slow down your growth?

Below are some important points that should be considered while developing the SEO strategy:

What makes your company different?

To make any of your strategies work well, you need to know what makes your company different. It can be anything like a single product or a collection of products that makes your company unique. It highly affects the kinds of outreach that are reasonable, kind of audience you want to create, kind of keywords that will be tracked, etc.

What is the vision of the company?

Sometimes, it is not just enough to know some basic information about your industry and that you want to make a huge profit. If you want to see your site on top in the search engine results, you need to go a level deeper. You should focus more on your vision statement to generate ideas that would be useful to drive your strategic objectives and metrics. And, if your vision statement isn’t good enough to serve the purpose, then you might need to create a new vision statement for your campaign.

What are the hurdles that the company is facing?

Usually, this thing seems to be avoidable in the beginning, but it might do harm to your SEO strategy or a department if not killed on time. So, it is necessary to understand what your company can and cannot oblige before you implement the strategy.

5. Definite Objectives

If we want our objectives to be productive, they need to be well-defined. And for that, we should pay more attention to the operational parts and how they work in combination rather than solely focusing on money.

And, when it comes to choosing the relevant metrics and KPIs, it should be done very carefully.

Indeed, it is great to generate more profit quickly than the expenses and, creating an investment plan would be extremely helpful in this case. However, there should be a certain time limit for every goal we set.

Although, the strategy covers the achievement of objectives that influence the organization in a unique way, its growth and future, and how the business manages to operate itself. So, our metrics should display how the functional parts work together by themselves. By this, we mean rankings, natural traffic, links, or authority.

What’s important is that everyone should understand the significance of metrics.

In my opinion, the task-focused objectives have more value than the KPI objectives. The reason behind this is if we talk about SEO and inbound marketing, our influence on KPIs is never direct. That is why I believe in setting objectives firstly, working hard to achieve those objectives, determining their effect, and modifying the strategy accordingly.

Instead of looking for ways to control the KPIs while failing to understand the long-term impact, this approach is more suitable as it possibly leads to effective optimization and knowledge acquisition.

Wrapping Up

Instead of taking SEO as a one-time job or a single rule of thumb, you need to consider it a regular part of your marketing efforts. The above-discussed five elements can benefit every SEO strategy in getting positive results. Make all of these elements a part of your system and use them to make your business the best it can be!

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