Epik Escrow Domain Name

Domain Escrow: Escrow Domain Service of Epik.com

Domain Escrow: Escrow Domain Service of Epik.com

Domain Escrow Service

Domain Escrow is fast becoming a preferred tool for domain investors which offers a trusted third party service solution that is fast, secure and convenient. It is the only domain escrow platform that is fully integrated into an accredited registrar and also provides domain concierge services to ensure the domain name escrow purchase is painless and smooth.

Whether you are a buyer, seller or broker, the team is equipped to work with buyers, sellers and brokers across languages, time zones and currencies to help you complete your transactions successfully. It is accessible through an intuitive user interface that is backed up by 24/7 support.

Epik Escrow Domain Name

The benefits of Domain Escrow

In a domain name escrow or digital property escrow, when a buyer has made an offer, and a price agreement has been reached with the seller, the agreed cost is communicated to the escrow intermediary through raising an escrow ticket (e.g. see escrow.epik.com) or by opening a domain name escrow account for the said transaction with the escrow agent. It provides security to the buyer and seller that the assets being exchanged are secure and will be owned by the buyer after contractual agreement have been fulfilled by both buyer and seller.

In the fast growing market for digital assets, this assures a buyer that the assets being acquired will be obtained. At the same time, the seller has assurance that they will be paid. This also works in the common case where the seller and buyer do not know each other. The benefits of Epik Escrow to buy and sell domains to both buyer and seller is the convenience, security, domain ownership assurance, flexible payment mediums, fraud protection, lower escrow fees, and 24/7 customer support.

If you are buying or selling domain names, buying and selling online businesses, domain with contents like social media pages, websites, apps, It can be very profitable but comes with its own juice breakers. In a transaction, the buyer funds are payed into a trust account until the transaction is complete. Giving the buyer some level of confidence to make the domain name purchase, and be confident that the rights to the domain name will be that of the buyer, while the seller gets funded after the transaction is fully complete.

The Procedure

The process to buying and selling of domain and domain with contents are:

  • Terms of agreement between the buyer and the seller
  • Payment of funds to Epik Escrow
  • Transfer of Domain and its contents
  • The Buyer Confirms the receipt of domain and contents
  • And Payment of funds to seller.

Epik Domain Escrow is also well equipped to handle transactions in major crypto currencies, as well as design flexible solutions for scheduled payments as well as transactions that involve non-domain assets such as hosting and social media handles.

Epik.com Escrow standard escrow fee is 1.5% of the transaction amount, with a $75 minimum. For domains that are already registered at Epik, these fees can often be waived, depending on the payment method of the buyer.

Although most transactions can be completed under the normal Terms and Conditions of Epik.com. In cases where buyer or seller require a Purchase and Sale Agreement, Epik.com domain name escrow are happy to assist there, and to manage enforcement of the agreement.

For more information, kindly visit: escrow.epik.com or send an email to Tony@epik.com.

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