Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Top 6 Best Free Keyword Research Tools You Need to Use

Top 6 Best Free Keyword Research Tools You Need to Use

If you want the search engines like Google, Bing, to bring a ton of traffic to your site, then keyword research is a core step.

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Some people often skip the keyword research process while focusing more on sharing great content on the site. This approach won’t be useful as the nicely written content cannot distinguish people from each other at various purchasing levels. But yes, keywords would help to a great degree.

It is necessary for you to learn about what people search for and how.

For instance, every purchaser seeks information over the Internet in the beginning. The most expected search engine queries from them are what is, how to, and guide to.

And, when people use certain long-tail keywords, it proves that they are no more on the consideration stage. Keywords including how to buy, where to buy, the sale price of, and coupon code show that they are all set to purchase now.

The first tool that comes to almost everybody’s mind when they think of doing keyword research is the globe’s largest search engine tool, the Google Ads Keyword Planner. But, you get a limited number of useful keywords data with Google. Additionally, the keyword data it gives away is so much irrelevant for ranking in the organic search.

Opportunely, there are plenty of other wonderful keyword research tools available in the market from which some are paid while others are for free.

Here is the list of the six most amazing keyword research tools which can help you identify different types of keywords when your situation needs more than the most popular options.

1. WhatsMySerp


WhatsMySerp is a free browser extension which allows you to see search volume for keywords search on Google. It was created as a free alternative to the Keywords Everywhere plugin, which is now a paid service.

WhatsMySerp compiles information about search volume and cost per click (CPC). WhatsMySerp will also pull up data on “People Also Searched For” and “Related Keywords”, displayed alongside data with respect to each item’s volume metrics.

The Chrome extension is free to download (free forever), and will display all Keyword data without ever leaving the Google Search Page.

2. TagCrowd

Best Free Keyword Research Tools - TagCrowd

The analysis of your competitor’s content is crucial for proper keyword research.

To make this process easy, there are various tools available in the market including Ahrefs and SEMrush. But, these popular options fall in the category of the pricey tools where even the monthly plans cost nearly $100.

They are affordable, but not for everybody – especially for those who are not so much focused on SEO.

If you aren’t using these tools and searching for a free substitute, then try using TagCrowd. This tool lets you see the word frequency by producing text, word, or tag clouds.

You can easily notice your competitor’s most frequent keywords for a certain page and learn about their keyword tactics without using any costly tools.

TagCrowd is a very easy-to-use tool. It allows you to insert and analyze the content in various ways like upload a file and paste the page URL or content.

3. PinterestKeywordTool

Best Free Keyword Research Tools - Pinterest Keyword Tool

While the people everywhere await a special LinkedIn tool, Pinterest, another famous social media platform, provides a keyword research solution to the world.

Apparently, it seems spammy and, to be honest, PinterestKeywordTool doesn’t offer many useful keyword data, especially concerning the ranking issue and search volume.

This tool tells you if there is any keyword that is famous on Pinterest and if a keyword you should use in your long-tail seed keyword.

4. Merchant Words

Best Free Keyword Research Tools - Merchants Words

Merchant Words is regarded as an ideal keyword research tool for those who own an Amazon store.

This tool gathers data from over one thousand million real Amazon searches around the globe and, the keyword data comes straight from buyer searches in the Amazon search bar.

Using its proprietary algorithms, Merchant Words calculates the keyword search volume that counts Amazon search ranking, site traffic, and present and previous search trends.

Check out Merchant Words for free of charge with a limited number of keywords.

It has paid versions for the U.S data only that starts from $30/month and for global audience starting at $60/month. With these plans, there are unlimited searches and CSV downloads, and seven days a week customer service support also.

5. Keyword Shitter

Best Free Keyword Research Tools - Keyword Shitter

It is quite obvious from the name Keyword Shitter that it throws out keywords like nobody.

In an article on Ahrefs, a writer shared his experience with this tool that he left it in a running state for almost half an hour and, it generated more than 20,000 keywords. This tool operates by using Google Autocomplete for queries.

At any time, if you find some keyword suggestions unnecessary, you can narrow down the results by applying different filters.

6. Keyword.Guru

Best Free Keyword Research Tools - Keyword Guru

Keyword.Guru gathers results from the best search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and online shopping sites including Amazon and eBay.

As soon as you start entering text, it shows results based on what everyone is searching for.

With Keyword.Guru, you won’t be shown any information concerning the keyword search volume, but the most common searches for base SEO keywords.

You can come to understand which keywords are used most often by using these actual search results.


Keyword research is an extremely important process for an SEO strategy but, it doesn’t mean that it certainly has to be costly or complicated.

If you ever find yourself in a state that relying solely on data obtained from the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool makes no sense any more, then you have got lucky!

Yes! There are various free and paid keyword research tools available to help you achieve the results you want.

Although the top paid tools offer the most relevant data, the free keyword research tools still give the most insightful results at no cost.

Now, it’s time to start using the tools above to find profitable keywords that will turn your visitors into the customers.

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